29 November 2011

Coconut Bread 椰子面包

I found a pack of desiccated coconut at the deep corner of my freezer, hmm... what should I do... thinking of the way to make full use of it. Flip through the recipe books, finally go straight to Carol's recipe.

Is fun to shape this bread. Cut and show off the inner filling make it looks tempting. I made the filling a night before making the bread, this make the whole process much more organized for me.

When bread was done, the moment I opened the oven, I was captured by the intense coconut's aroma! If you like coconut, this is a must try recipe! Carol's mentioned in her recipe that the bread looks like a chicken feet 凤爪, what do you think :D

28 November 2011

My Birthday

Day pass a day and year pass a year,
finally I come to this junction,
where should I go,
turn left or turn right...or just stop at this point of time?

How am I going to proceed?
I wish I have the answer ...

I find myself in a dry land, deserted from my previous me,
what should I do? what should you do?
I wish I can go back...
how about you?

24 November 2011

Crispy Roast Pork Belly (aka Siew Yoke 脆皮烧肉)

Roast Pork Belly also called Siew Yoke/Siu Yuk in Cantonese or Shao Rou in Mandarin. Is a fatty dish loves by most Chinese. Still remember my father loves roasted meat, if he got the chances he would buy roast pork belly, char siew and roast duck to add on to the table. My sisters, brother and I always like to eat only the salted portion of the meat and leave behind the crispy and fatty portions...which would finished up by my parent. Now we get older and I still love this roast pork belly, not just the salted portion but the whole of it. 

Last year, saw many fellow bloggers homemade the crispy roast pork belly, at that point of time I told myself "I don't think I can do that!" This week, thinking of this dish and want to list this into my recipe collection, I try to look for more information, some used the recipe with an ingredient called nam yuk, I chose to use the recipe without it. My first attempt turned out quite nice, love the taste, the meat is tender and juicy, the crispy rind is crispy but still got room to improve!  This is one of WT's favourite dish, he will be happy to see it when he comes home :)

Thanks Ann from Anncoo Journal for making the recipe easy for me to follow!

22 November 2011

Steamed Black Sesame Custard Bun (黑芝麻奶黄包 Black Sesame Nai Huang Bao)

My son requested to have Creamy Custard Bao for breakfast yesterday, and I promised him I'll make a nice one for him today. It has been nearly a year since I last made the bun with this custard filling recipe. It is different from Carol's recipe because of the coconut milk added. It has a stronger coconut's aroma and ...involved more work, the custard needs to be steamed, mashed and kneaded. Of course, for my son, the extra work is nothing.

I made the baos with two types of filling, one is with red bean paste (leftover from making mooncakes) and the other one is creamy custard. Added black sesame powder to the bao dough turned the bao into a stunning grey, with the yellow custard filling it looks  beautiful and perfect for my afternoon tea. 

21 November 2011

Chai Kueh (Steamed Vegetable Dumplings)

I fried the jicama with other vegetables yesterday, a big bowl of it, usually I with use the leftover to make spring rolls but today I decided to make Chai Kueh/ Steamed Vegetable Dumplings. 

Well, this attempt was a hard one, out of the eight dumplings only one with unbreakable pastry, the rest have holes on them even before go into the steamer. When I transferred the dumplings to the steamer it was frustrating to see the dumplings skin sticked on my hand and ... torn :(

When WT eat the dumpling, I told him this is $10 each, because of the tidiousness in getting a perfect translucent skin :) If you ask me, will I try it again, the answer is a sure ...yes!

Anyway, thanks 董夫人 for the pastry recipe!

Lesson learnt:
1. First oil your hand when flatten and handle the dumpling skin.
2. Filling must be fried until very dry.  

19 November 2011

Hakka Yam Abacus 算盘子

I will buy this dish whenever I see there is one selling it. The feel of munching an elasticity and juicy yam abacus balls is why I enjoy this dish so much.

Saw the recipe at Precious Moments many months ago and I told myself at that point of time, I want to try it out. Then saw it again last month at 鲸鱼's blog, and again at I Heart My Bakes. Eventually make my move because of the step by step photos at I Heart My Bakes look easy to prepare.

Oh my! This is delicious! Thanks Edith from Precious Moments, for the details in spelled out the steps.

For the recipe in Chinese, you may refer to 鲸鱼's blog.

16 November 2011

Stir Fried Chicken with Black Fungus

I cooked this dish quite often, as I love to eat the soft black fungus with white rice.

This recipe appeared in Mum's Favourite Dishes cookbook (妈妈暧心菜) too. It is such a simple and comfort dish. Three main ingredients in this dish are chicken, black fungus and ginger, and I addded needle mushrooms. 

14 November 2011

Butterfly Banana Cakes

I have been thinking very hard on what to bake for this month Aspiring bakers which is hosted by Min from Min's blog The theme for this month is "Enjoy cupcakes!" I've tried out a few recipes but some of the results end up too sweet, I personally don't like them and I believed my blogger friends and readers won't like it too. 

I came across the recipe for Butterfly Cakes in The Australian Women's Weekly this morning, trust my instinct to try this out by adding banana in it, yes, indeed the cake is nice! I baked 12 cupcakes and used 4 of them to create the butterfly cakes. Cutting the round on top of the cupcake is not as easy as I think, my first try, not a clean round wings.

10 November 2011

Souffle Cheese Cupcakes

Another rainny day, a perfect dessert for Gabriel is this Souffle Cheese Cupcake. He dashed to the dinning table when he heard "cheese cupcake", he spooned the cake spoonful by spoonful into his mouth while saying "Mama, this is so nice!" I'm glad to see him content and satisfy with this cupcake.

08 November 2011

Salted Crispy Chicken 咸酥鸡

Recently feel so drain by my son's tantrum, people said terrible two, I say is terrible three!

A fast and simple dish from Mum's Favourite Dishes cookbook (妈妈暧心菜)I didn't snap photo for the dipping sauce I made, for the main dish only 3 ingredients needed, chicken, salt and lettuce. I like this dish, is a sure keeper for all busy mothers!

06 November 2011

Turmeric Rice and Chicken Curry (Nasi Kunyit)

After I came back from Penang, Gabriel, WT and I became healthier, no more coughing! My mum fed us daily with double boiled soup and chicken essence. This really make be believed how important it is to add a soup on the table!

Missed Penang very much, suddenly thinking of Nasi Kunyit or Turmeric Rice, the taste of the curry and coconut's fragrance. I cooked the chicken curry the easy way, using Asian Home Gourment brand Indian Chicken Curry paste and added other ingredients to suit my family taste.

03 November 2011


Saw 子瑜妈妈美食坊 made the beautiful mini prawns dumplings, at 子瑜妈妈爱米美食坊  she shared how to make the store bought dumpling skin thinner. By using the rolling pin to roll over the store bought dumpling skin a few times, we can get a thinner skin. Trying her recipe with the store bought dumpling skin.

Indeed the dumpling skin becomes bigger after rolling, whether it has becomes thinner, this you have to justify it yourself. I always deep fried the dumplings, this is the first time trying to boil them in boiling water. When I used the chopstick to poke the dumpling, gravy oozing out from it, I love this! This is definately a healthier choice if compared to deep fried dumplings. 


01 November 2011

Clitoria Flower Chocolate Chiffon Cake

Melacca is famous for lot of things such as: chicken rice balls, gula melaka, coffee, art and craft, nyonya kuehs, etc.

I know most of the foodbloggers who love to make kuehs like me will be interested to know where to get the Dried Clitoria Ternatea or Butterfly pea flowers or Bunga telang. With this flower, we are able to produce the food in natural blue. Yes, I managed to buy the flower from Melacca! How I found it? Well, I asked nearly each food stalls which I stopped over at 鸡场街 about this flower, not a single stalls selling it! I managed to buy the flowers from a nyanya kuehs shop at the side lane out from 鸡场街, with RM5.00 a pack. After that I bought another two packs with a cheaper price from an old run down grocery shop at the end of 鸡场街, with RM1.60 a pack.

So sorry that I was in a hurry that I didn't note down the shop's name. The grocery shop is at the left side of the ice kacang stall, opposite the public toilet which is at the end of 鸡场街. With this clue, hope you are able to find the dried clitoria flowers too.