01 November 2011

Clitoria Flower Chocolate Chiffon Cake

Melacca is famous for lot of things such as: chicken rice balls, gula melaka, coffee, art and craft, nyonya kuehs, etc.

I know most of the foodbloggers who love to make kuehs like me will be interested to know where to get the Dried Clitoria Ternatea or Butterfly pea flowers or Bunga telang. With this flower, we are able to produce the food in natural blue. Yes, I managed to buy the flower from Melacca! How I found it? Well, I asked nearly each food stalls which I stopped over at 鸡场街 about this flower, not a single stalls selling it! I managed to buy the flowers from a nyanya kuehs shop at the side lane out from 鸡场街, with RM5.00 a pack. After that I bought another two packs with a cheaper price from an old run down grocery shop at the end of 鸡场街, with RM1.60 a pack.

So sorry that I was in a hurry that I didn't note down the shop's name. The grocery shop is at the left side of the ice kacang stall, opposite the public toilet which is at the end of 鸡场街. With this clue, hope you are able to find the dried clitoria flowers too.

If you are my usual reader you will know that I rarely baked a big cake with the beautiful frosting, the reason of that is it requires time to do the deco and also I have no confidence in baking a big cake. 

WT's birthday was on Halloween, as we were just back from Penang and I didn't have time to shop for a good cake, I decided to brave myself baking a cake for him. His answered was "I can buy one when I get home!" Haha...no confident in my cake deco.

The cake sponge is a chiffon cake just because Gabriel likes this kind of soft cake. Do you see the green chiffon cake above? The blue juice of dried clitoria flowers mixed with the egg yolk and egg white turned the batter into green, I was thinking whether this is as simple as blue + yellow = green. 

The chocolate ganache didn't turn out well, I tried to stabilise it with a piece of gelatin but it was still runny. I fridged the cake for a few hours before WT cut the cake. He was delighted to see the cake .... haha, at least this is not a plain chiffon cake :) Gabriel also said yummy to this cake!

I really need to practise more on cake baking and deco!
Happy Birthday WT!

Recipe from Ah Tze's kitchen play
6" round springform pan

A. Egg yolk batter
5 egg yolks
90g top flour
15g fine sugar
30ml olive oil
5 tbsps dried clitoria flowers juice

B. Egg white mixture
5 egg whites
1 tsp lemon juice
60g brown sugar

C. Chocolate Ganache
200g dark chocolate, chopped
125ml double cream

D. Deco

1. For egg yolk batter: Mix the egg yolk with sugar, whisk until creamy. Add olive oil. Add the flour alternate with flower juice. Set aside.
2. For egg white mixture: Beat the egg white with lemon juice until foamy, add in half of the sugar, beat in high speed until soft peak, add in another half of sugar until stiff peak.
3. Stir in a portion of B to A. Fold in B to A in 3 portions.
4. Pour in the batter into baking pan, knock the pan on table top to reduce the bubbles forming in between batter. Bake at 170C for 40-45 mins.
5. Once baked, turn upside down the pan to let the cake shrinks to flat top. Let it cool completely before deco.
6. For chocolate ganache: melt the chocolate, cream in a double boiler over barely simmering water, stiring occasionally until smooth, add in the soften gelatin. Set aside to cool and it will thicken slightly. Refrigerate for later use.
7. For Deco: Pour the chocolate ganache on the cake, fridge it for an hour before deco. 


  1. 鲸鱼,谢谢你的安慰,这是第一次做蛋糕装饰会再接再厉。

  2. So the cake is not blueish but greenish? Hehe... pretty cake deco! :)

  3. 我觉得这蛋糕已经很美了哦 ^o^

    您是住在新加坡吗?如是,这种干蓝花您可以在Kitchen Caper买到,一包$2.00(10g) http://www.kitchencapers.net/html/contactus.htm

  4. Hanushi, yes the cake sponge is greenish!

    myme, 谢谢!I wish I know this ealier!

  5. blue+yellow=green, haha, possible also! I seldom decorate my cake too, too lazy to do that, your cake looks great ma!

  6. 原来你的melacca发现就是这blue花:)

  7. Happy birthday ....

    Ya I want to find this blue natural colour for my Swiss roll ne!!

  8. 噔...噔...噔...噔...

  9. Min, the chocolate ganache is too runny, not sure what when wrong.

    Joelyn, 是呀,如要给食物变色时都可用上!


  10. 小鱼,谢谢!这是第一次蛋糕装饰,还待加油改进呢 :)

  11. That's the beauty of baking, so much mystery on it LOL ... seems that we need to learn what the colour basic is hehehe ... surprising blue turn green LOL Thanks for sharing this :)

  12. What a gorgeous cake! So beautifully garnished!

  13. i would have thought this is a pandan cake, ha! you still managed to come up with such a pretty cake, i'm bad at decorating cakes, not much idea!

  14. Wow, what an amazing birthday cake!:) Like Lena, I thought it was about the pandan sponge cake! I even thought that you are about to make a blue kueh or something...LOL, but your main star is the birthday cake ;)

  15. it is really warm and great when your family enjoy eating the cake, right?
    i hope to learn decorating a cake too...but not much confident :p

  16. La casa, thanks for visiting my blog and following!

    DG, yes, not sure why the cake turned greenish instead of blue, need to explore further.

    Angie, thanks for your kind words.

    Lena, you have lots of beautiful cakes deco under your belt!

    Christy, thanks for visiting!

    Sherleen, how are you? Everything need to have the first step, right?

  17. Ah Tze...hahaha interesting cake! I was expecting the cake to be blue hue also :D

  18. Ah Tze, this is my first visit ...wah..lots of interesting recipes on your blog. Nice to meet you thru the blog. :)

  19. 如果这蛋糕给我老公他一定很喜欢,巧克力酱满满,很诱人咧

  20. Glad to know you finally found the flower. Actually I still collecting the 2-3 flowers daily and dry it, thought to send you, look like now I can send to other blogger who can't find this flower.

  21. Your cake is beautiful! I am not good at cake decoration, I don't mind baking, but when it comes to decorating it, I would hesitate at every angle! Happy Belated Birthday to WT!

  22. Peng, yaloh, the batter turned greenish after I poured the flower juice to egg yolk batter.

    Li Shuan, thanks for leaving your lovely comment! Nice to meet you thru the blog too :)

    Sonia, thousand thanks for keeping the flower for me. Since I was in Melacca, I tried my luck to get the flowers the faster way :)

    Joyce, thanks for your well wishes! you are a versatile cook and baker!

  23. 爱丝特,是用上200g的巧克力哟 :)

  24. Oh and that is why the colour of the cake is green. Awesome!
    Thanks for sharing it.

  25. Nice chiffon cake pics. Butterfly pea grows easily in a pot from seeds. It has many benefits according to this website http://indonesiaeats.com/blue-vine-butterfy-pea-bunga-telang-teleng-biru/.
    Thais make a drink from these flowers turn it from blue to purple with some lime juice added http://www.foodtravel.tv/recdrinkShow_Detail.aspx?viewId=4 (the website is in Thai but you can always google translate the recipe if you're interested).

  26. Hmm.. did you use eating chocolate for the ganache?

    1. yes, Wendy. Baking chocolate is too expensive compared to the normal chocolate :) Is this the main reason why my chocolate ganache was runny?

  27. Yes. I use compound chocolate with a ratio 1:1 with whipping cream and it pours beautifully. Your recipe had an even higher chocolate amount, so I guess you must have used eating ones. If not yours will be very thick
    Buy a good compound chocolate. Here, I get Beryls brand. Nice and affordable.


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