08 November 2011

Salted Crispy Chicken 咸酥鸡

Recently feel so drain by my son's tantrum, people said terrible two, I say is terrible three!

A fast and simple dish from Mum's Favourite Dishes cookbook (妈妈暧心菜)I didn't snap photo for the dipping sauce I made, for the main dish only 3 ingredients needed, chicken, salt and lettuce. I like this dish, is a sure keeper for all busy mothers!

Recipe adapted from Mum's Favourite Dishes cookbook

1/2 chicken
1 stalk lettuce
1/2 tbsp salt

1. Chop chicken into chunks. Marinate with 1/2 tbsp of salt for 15 mins.
2. Arrange lettuce in a plate.
3. Heat up 2 cups of oil, deep fry chicken over high heat till golden brown.
4. Remove and drain the chicken oil. Serve warm.


  1. My girl is the same, ever since she hit 2 she has become the monkey, bull and cat in the house.
    I hope it goes off soon, she'll be 3 this year end and I hope it goes off like how it suddenly came.
    Not easy, just bear with it and it will pass. Give him more encouragement but it sure does have limits.. I am with you, my dear.

  2. i have gone thru all these, but now i missed this fun moment, hahaha! I can imagine how good is this chicken, YUM!

  3. 我也是busy mama.

  4. 我今天没有准备午餐,来你家因为嗅到炸鸡的香味了!

  5. Like to come have some crispy chicken. Hardly deep fry in my kitchen. Lazy to clean up :p
    My 2nd son also like that last time. Now less frequent . Well have to be patient .

  6. 2's, 3's and 4's all have their challenges...being a mom is tough! Sending you a hug. This is the perfect dinner for a busy mom...crispy and delicious~

  7. 这次去台湾没吃到哦。。。。就去你家吃吧。。哈哈哈

  8. Seems like easy to prepare, really come in place during rush hour. Yummy!

  9. Tze.. no choice but with patient..
    ganbaru ...

    Ya .. really very good recipe for all busy mothers!

    Easy + Delicious + Yummy ...

  10. 好简单和快速的做法喔!

  11. Reading this brought back memories of my boys' childhood too...one thing is for sure, it will pass:) Feed him with more delicious chicken:D

  12. 这么简单?适合我。。呵呵

  13. Wendy, thanks! today another round of tantrum from him ...yes, I'm hoping it will go off likes it suddenly comes too. Hugs!

    Sonia, I hope one day I can share these with him and laugh at the moment too.

    Sean, thanks for supporting!

    Li Shuan, 欢迎!欢迎 :)

    鲸鱼,今天炸了很多,快来吧 :)

  14. Vivan, I pray to have more patient on him too.

    Lizzy, thanks! my son is entering another stage of his life.

    Joelyn, 来,别客气!

    Min, this is easy to prepare.


    小鱼,是呀,我一炸好也吃了好多 :)

    Jeannie,glad to get reasurrance from you that it really will pass. Haha, this dish is not for him :D

    Esther, try it out!

  15. i definately love these with a mug of beer!


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