23 December 2009

The First Test: Bintan

We were thinking of travelling to Hong Kong but decided to give Gabriel and ourselves a test on short distance travel before embark on the longer journey.

There were lots of concerns and finally we chose Bintan because:
1) It is only about an hour ferry from Singapore
2) We need to bring snacks for Gabriel just-in-case he doesn't eat the food. (luckily we did bring the life saving snacks ^_^) 

There are many activities at Nirwana Garden. For instance, golf, horse ride, archery, elephant ride, etc. Nirwana Garden provides free shuttle services so it is not an issue to travel from one place to the other, though you may rent a buggy. 

Gabriel has many new experiences at Bintan and WT & I love the ocean. I like the good service provided by the staff at Rin, Japanese restaurant, of course they served yummy food too. The food at Thai restaurant was terrific. As for Kelong seafood restaurant, well, the price for the food was a bit expensive, the food was not up to my expectation. The steam fish was over cook!

There was power failure when we dined at Dino Bistro, we had to wait quite long time for the dinner to be served. However, the restaurant's staff was sensitive, they served basket of bread to calm our tummy and also the little boy :) Unfortunately, Dino Bistro kids menu was not suitable for Gabriel.   

Overall the stayed at Nirwana Resort Hotel was remarkable, it's worth to give yourselves a try if you have not done so.        

Sea view from my room.

A comfortable king size bed, louvre sliding window allows you to view the sea.

Spacious suite with a sea facing balcony.

A star added to Nirwana Resort Hotel by providing this special baby crib for Gabriel. He loves this crib very much, willing to sleep alone without snuggle with Papa and Mama.

Gabriel was willing to sit down on the beach for the first time. He likes the seaweed but dislike the wet sand :)

A view to the ocean from Thai restaurant, according to the staff during weekend they always has full tables booking at night. The wall photos at the restaurant tells us it has hosted many beautiful beach wedding event.

Soft sand and clean beach with seaweed everywhere. Nirwana Resort Hotel has special programme to bring the kids to the beach and explore the nature.  

Breathtaking view of the ocean in the evening.

23 March 2009

Gabriel, Gabriel, You are One!

That was really a good day for me, I slept very well. A three tier beehive cake and brrim-brrim tricycle waiting for me when I woke up!

A day before I turned one, I was a baby model for a Korean photographer, haha, it was really fun because many strangers surrounded me and tried their best to make me laugh, I was cool, really really cool....hehehe. End results? to be continued....
Gabriel, you are one year old now!! Hurray!!