25 August 2011

Siew Bao 1 (Baked BBQ Pork Buns) 烧包

My father likes to eat pastries, this kind of 烧包 is his favourites. In my memory this pastry is associated with Seremban Siew Bao (芙蓉烧包)However, when we were young we didn't always get to eat this pastry, it came when there was special occasion or someone presented the pastry to my father as a gift. 

It has been sometimes since I last taste this Siew Bao. It is not my favourite food but it brings back lot of old memories. Whatever I baked or cooked, my parent are too far away to taste the food, but I know my father will check on the Internet, access my blog to see what is going on here. I'm still their daughter, the bumble-bee that like to talk no-stop when I was young. 
I saw Jane's Corner and 人生加油站 baked their lovely Siew Bao, my heart told me I should give myself a chance to try making one and I did, without regret.

Recipe adapted from Jane's Corner and 人生加油站 with changes to filling and pastry folding method.

Ingredients for filling:      
400g pork meat, sliced into small cubes
6 cloves garlic, chopped
2 tbsps sesame oil
a pinch of salt
1 tbsp sugar
2 tbsps cornstarch
3 tbsps oyster sauce
2 tbsps dark soy sauce
3 tbsps cooking oil

1. Marinade all the ingredients (except garlic and cooking oil) for an hour.
2. Heat wok, add cooking oil. Stir-fry garlic for 2 mins, add the marinade meat. Stir-fry the meat until cook, or about 8 mins. Set aside to cool completely.

Ingredients for pastry:
water dough:
200g plain flour
50g oil (cooking or olive oil is fine)
1 tbsp sugar
90ml water

oil dough:
200g top flour
70g butter

1. In a bowl, mix ingredients for water dough (except oil), slowly add in water. Knead into a rough dough, add oil and knead to a smooth dough. Set aside for 30 mins.
2. Mix ingredients for oil dough. Use butter knife to cut the butter and use fingertips to lightly rub the butter with flour until mixture look like fine breadcrumbs. Lightly press together the oil dough.
3. Divide water and oil dough into 12 portions respectively.  
4. Flatten the water dough, wrap the oil dough in it. Flatten with rolling pin, roll up, flatten again, repeat for another 4 times (this will ensure you get a clear layering pastry).
5. Roll into small ball, set aside for 10 mins. 
6. Flatten the dough and stuff filling, egg wash and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
7. Bake at 210 C for 30 mins.

Love the golden brown which I get from this baking,
very satisfy with the result. 

Juicy meat filling with flaky pastry layering that taste crispy and full of flavour. 
This brings back my childhood memory.  


  1. Hi, your siew pao look so yummy. Good job! Oh how nice to have one with a cup of coffee :)

  2. 这个我做过一次

  3. 突然间很想吃烧包了,打包两粒不介意吧 ^_^

  4. 很像美丽的花朵!我也想做, 因为好喜欢吃, 不过很多工, 找天得空的时候来做好了。

  5. 你很厉害,啥都会。。。烧包看起来很可口,thumbs up!!

  6. Wah, looks very delicious. I like the nice flaky layers. :)

  7. yun, a coffee or tea in hands and a relax afternoon :)

  8. 鲸鱼,工是多但时间比做面包短,再战:)

  9. Min, 专家说,烧包不应开口看到馅料的,我得再战:)

  10. Yee Er, 我是偷帅啦没厉害,烧包是好好吃哟!

  11. SSB,I'm delighted by the flaky layers too, really yummy!

  12. Very flaky! Although I'm having sore throat, don't mind to have one or two of your siew pau. :)

  13. very nice attempt!! i just love their pastries and each time when i pass by the stalls selling seremban siew pau, i will get hooked by their baking smell!!

  14. Ah Tze, you did a lovely job on this siew pau. I can imagine your house being filled with the wonderful fragrance while they are baking. You dad must be smiling when he saw this post of yours! I am:D

  15. Vivian, do take good care ya, drink more honey lemon can soothe the throat.

    Lena, this is my first attempt and I think I really enjoyed making this flaky pastry :)

    Veron, Haha, my father is my food experiment supporter since I was young ^^ Indeed my father smiled and my mum as always like to say "工夫不到家" (not enough gong fu) :DDD

  16. You shape your siew pow so perfectly, looks so delicious! so tempting to the eye!

  17. 吃了min家。再来你家吃。。。。味道真棒。。肚子好涨哦。。。呵呵呵

  18. Your Siew Pow looks so delicious! I prefer the baked ones over the steam pau, anytime! Great job!

  19. They look very professional made. Can't believe that they are home made!!! They are fantastic!

  20. 烧包包得好美,里面的馅也很多。。。想吃!

  21. 我也溜口水了- very nicely baked.

  22. Wow, yum! I had these recently and loved them. I need to try making them on my own.

  23. Jeannie, the shaping is not perfectly done yet, but it really looks tempting :)

  24. kitchen flavour, me too, baked one with crip, flaky crust really tempting!

  25. Zoe, haha... you make my day!

    Sherleen, 馅料很棒哟,吃个吧 :)

    Yummy Bakes, thanks!

  26. Russell, good to have you here! Siew Pow is a Chinese snack, glad you loved it!

  27. Wow, look so tempting, i'm salivate now, YUM!


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