22 November 2011

Steamed Black Sesame Custard Bun (黑芝麻奶黄包 Black Sesame Nai Huang Bao)

My son requested to have Creamy Custard Bao for breakfast yesterday, and I promised him I'll make a nice one for him today. It has been nearly a year since I last made the bun with this custard filling recipe. It is different from Carol's recipe because of the coconut milk added. It has a stronger coconut's aroma and ...involved more work, the custard needs to be steamed, mashed and kneaded. Of course, for my son, the extra work is nothing.

I made the baos with two types of filling, one is with red bean paste (leftover from making mooncakes) and the other one is creamy custard. Added black sesame powder to the bao dough turned the bao into a stunning grey, with the yellow custard filling it looks  beautiful and perfect for my afternoon tea. 

Recently, I read a Chinese translation version book on "Unbeatenable Love" (爱无敌!给孩子满满的爱,孩子就会改变)it was written by an Japanese author 本吉园子. It is a good book to share with all parents who think they have a "difficult child" at home. The author said, all the child wants is only an unconditional love from parent...a hug, a kiss, a snuggle, a story, will resolve the tantrum or difficult situations. After finished the book, I hug and kiss my son when he requests my attention, when he throw his tantrum, when he is tire, especially when he wants me to "see" him working. Amazingly it works, he becomes more coorperative and follow the instructions. Thanks God for showing me this book and it is always on time.   

Ingredients for custard filling:
150g custard powder

3 tbsp icing sugar
4 tbsp milk powder
150ml coconut milk (used 100ml)
50g evaporated milk (used 30g)
2 eggs
oil or 2 tbsp melted butter

1. Place custard powder, sugar and milk powder in a bowl. Add coconut milk, whisk until sugar dissolved. Add evaporated milk, stir to combine.
2. Add 1 egg at a time, whisk until incorporated.
3. Add the melted butter or oil.
4. Sieve the liquid. Pour into a lightly grease pan and steam for 15-20 mins. (it depends on your steamer)
5. Take the pan out from steamer and mash the custard until it is crumble and knead the custard on clean work surface until smooth.

Bao/Bun Ingredients:

400g bao flour
100g black sesame powder
1 tsp instant dry yeast
280ml warm water (gradually add in)
30g sugar
some vegetable shortening

1. Add all above dry ingredients into a bowl, graduately pour in the water. Knead until it form a nonsticky dough, add the vegetable shortening and knead until the dough is smooth and elastic.
2. Place the dough in a bowl, spray with water and cover with damp cloth. Let it proof for 45 mins.
3. Once proofing complete, punch out the air and form a long dough. Divide the dough into 18~20 nos. (depends on how big you want the baos to be)
4. Flatten the dough, stuff in custard filling/ red bean paste in the middle, wrap it and roll into a ball. (Haha, I'm not good in shaping the bao)
5. Place bao dough on a piece of baking paper and let it proof for another 30 mins. (if you had added 1 tsp baking powder into the it will shorten the proofing time)
6. Place bao dough in the preheat steamer and steam for 10~12 mins.


  1. Interesting custard filling with coconut milk. Must be very fragrant! I like your grey steamed buns.
    Your story remind me of not hugging my sons for quite sometimes. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Vivian, the custard is with coconut's fragrance.

    I always told my son he is big boy and can not pao pao (cuddle) this made him feels unlove. The author said for children under 6 years old need a lot of hugs especially when they see the younger siblings have the full attention from us. Hugging our children is a direct way of telling them "I love you!"

  3. Ah Tze, we adult sometimes also have attention seeking behavior, I told my husband if I feel angry you just need to hug me and Ill be fine and I feel someone is loving me at least. hehe...You bun looks so good especially with extra love adding to it.

  4. 孩子都喜欢被拥抱及亲吻,这样他们才能真正感受到来自父母的爱,行动胜于语言嘛!嘻嘻!


  5. 看你打开内馅满满。。。。好赞哦。。。趁热吃一定很美味。。。。

  6. I love this pau, the color contrast is so pretty!

  7. Tkz for reminding me to pay more attention to my elder one..I do agree children below 6 yrs old need us the most...After that they will start to build their own social life...our kids are bleesed as we willing to raise them up by our own.

  8. 黑芝麻加奶黄馅,这包子也太香了吧!

  9. Your custard buns look perfect! What a nice treat for your son :)

  10. no, you have shaped them very well and such a beautiful contrast of black buns with that yellow custard! dont forget to hug your son today!

  11. I think you shaped them very prettily too! And yes, God always provides at the right time, don't you think ;p

  12. 很健康的包子。。。嗯,喜欢!

  13. I bet your son enjoyed the buns a lot!
    He will definitely give you a big hug instead.
    Me hug u too!

  14. Both buns are so yummy. The custard ones remind me a lot of the ones that I ate in Hong Kong...Yum!

  15. Li Shuan, I agreed! Adult also need hugs to feel love!


    Joelyn,热呼呼还烫手时我就吃了倆个 :)

  16. Jeannie, I love the colour contrast too!

    Yee Er, raising up the kids by ourselves is not easy because we have so much emotion attached to them....hugs is the direct saying of we love them.

    Esther, 是特别香的包 :D

    Lizzy, thanks! with coconut milk in the buns, my son love it so much!

    Lena, I wouldn't forget to hug him from this day on!

    Janine, yes dear! He is always on time!

    Sherleen, 教育小孩是门学不完的学问!

  17. Wendy, thanks for the big hugssss :)))) mummy, we really need this too!

    Zoe, there are lot of different recipes on the custard filling, they are all yummy!

  18. 奶黄+黑芝麻咧!


  19. Tze, I have never tasted this before. Looks special to me. I have not seen any being sold in the store too. Guess if I want to taste it, I got to make this myself:D.

  20. Dear Ah tze

    My bao not as soft. I was wondering if it was cos I used veg oil instead? I have tried with shortening but not sure when to add it. Is it right after the kneaded dough no longer sticky? Can I add the shortening right after I mix in water?



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