23 March 2010

Gabriel, Gabriel you are 2!

The post was supposed to be up sooner but mama was caught up by her new favourite pass time activities...yeap, Facebook's games! Is time to come back to the real world mama ... ^_^

Gabriel is happy with his "Happy Cake" A Haagen-Dazs Ribbon Cake which cost $90.

Gabriel cutting the cake. The cake is very soft ... he loves the yummy icy ice-cream cake!

Disneyland Hong Kong trip was the present from Papa and Mama to Gabriel. He loves seeing Mickey and Daisy.

A sleepy Gabriel.

Happy Gabriel with his new toy... junior engineer set.

First time seeing the real amazing fire engine, he loves it! We bought him a fireman helmet. 

Go into bath insisted not to take down the fireman helmet. What could I do? proceeded to bath him the way he wishes.

A day when he put on his crown and rule over all his steam locomotives. Tap on his favourite drum, sing songs according to his own rhythm.