Our delectable range of sweet and savoury dishes are all homemade and handmade, taking time to prepare by Awayofmind Bakery House with traditional recipe, fresh quality ingredients and with love! We know how important it is the party/event for you, there is a choice for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautifully presented authentic cuisine prepared by Awayofmind Bakery House. Order with us at least a week in advance, all food are freshly make for you. 

Blueberries Cream Cheesecake (with real blueberries puree), 6 inches round cake ($60)

Earl Grey Rose Pistachio Chiffon Cake, 7 inches round cake ($45), 8 inches round cake ($55), 9 inches round cake ($60)

Mango Cream Cheesecake (with real mango puree), 6 inches round cake ($60)

Spiral potatoes curry puff, a tray of 20 pieces in an order ($40)

Siew Bao (Flaky Baked BBQ Chicken Buns), a tray of 10 pieces in an order ($35)

Sweet Potatoes Angku Kuih with homemade smooth mung bean filling, a tray of 20 pieces in an order ($40)

Hokkien Bak Chang with salted egg yolk, dried mushrooms, chestnut, dried shrimps, pork belly (Glutinous Rice Pork Dumpling), a bundle of 10 pieces in an order ($70) 

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