10 February 2011

Osmanthus Jelly (桂花糕)

A few months ago, I saw the beautiful creation of Osmanthus Jelly at AnnCoo Journal and Noob Cook Recipes, wanted to make one but couldn't get hold of the dried Osmanthus, 裕华百货 is not near to my place. All the Chinese Medical Halls nearby are not selling dried Osmanthus, until one day I got it from a CMH at Jurong West.  

Recipe adapted from Noobcook
1 packet of pre-sweetened* konnyaku jelly powder (mine is 250g)
1250ml water
dried osmanthus flowers 桂花 (1 to 1.5 tsp for every 400ml water)
2 tsp wolfberries, soaked in water till puffy (about 20 minutes)
* If you’re not using pre-sweetened mix, add appropriate amounts of sugar to taste.

Additional tool(s) needed
jelly moulds or you may use the ice-cube tray like what I did

1. In a pot, add water and bring to a boil. When water is boiling, lower heat and then add osmanthus flowers. Simmer for a short few minutes (roughly 2 minutes).
2. Add konnyaku jelly powder. Stir until the powder is fully dissolved. Off the flame.
3. Add 2-3 wolfberries to each jelly mould, then pour the jelly solution prepared in step 2 to fill each mould. Let the jelly cool down a bit in room temperature and chill in fridge till the jelly is set.

The ice-cube tray from IKEA is soft and flexible, it was a breeze to get the Jelly out from the tray.

I love the aroma of Osmanthus, it is gentle and lovely. Gabriel likes this Jelly too! Hope WT doesn't mind we celebrate the Valentine's Day with this pretty Jelly instead of a chocolate cake...Hahaha.  
I am submitting this post to "Aspiring Bakers #4: Love In The Air! (Feb 2011)", hosted by Cuisine Paradise


  1. So beautiful! Saliva dropping :) I want to try this also but couldn't get the dried Osmanthus.

  2. 好漂亮,很晶莹喔,单是看已经是一种享受了:)

  3. Cathy, welcome! Thanks for liking the Osmanthus Jelly!

    鲸鱼, 谢谢喜欢!Konnyaku jelly 很Q有弹性,很好吃哟!

    Jess, thanks!Ann and NoobCook one really look better then mine ^_^

  4. WOW Ah Tze! Your Osmanthus jelly looks perfect and the heart shaped mold looks pretty too!

  5. Ann, thanks for your compliment and tip on stirring the Jelly liquid to keep the Osmanthus floating evenly.

  6. Wowow!!! Lovely Osmanthus Jelly you have there... we have the same mould from Ikea rite :p I use it to make yoghurt pop ytd :p

  7. Cuisine Paradise, Welcome!! Haha, the IKEA mould make my task on getting out the Jelly a breeze :D Hey, great mind really think the same, I made this Jelly yesterday too ^_^

  8. They are so pretty! I could have finished ALL!

  9. Angie, thanks for liking the Osmanthus Jelly :)

  10. I am fascinated by this. I won't be able to make it because the ingredients are difficult to come by here. That doesn't mean I can't appreciate it. Your jelly is beautiful. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  11. Mary, thanks for your compliment. Have you try Chinese Medical Halls in Chinatown at your country, they may have the ingredients.

  12. these are pretty, tze! happy valentines day to you!

  13. Very beautiful indeed! They look like gems on a plate! Amber like and delicious! You have just given me fantastic ideas with this post! Cheers!

  14. Congrats for being featured on Foodbuzz Today's Top 9 :)

  15. So gorgeous! Congrats on top 9.

  16. Many congratulations on making it to Top 9 today! Your jelly has a floating quality to it with the flowers and dried fruits in it... simply beautiful.

  17. Lena, Happy Valentines day to you too ^_^

    Arthur, thanks for your compliment and glad that this post can provides idea to you.

    Claudie, welcome and thanks for liking the Osmanthus Jelly!

  18. Ellena, thanks! I really so happy about this :)

    Visda, welcome and thanks!

    Foodiva, welcome and thanks for your lovely message!

  19. Beautiful and interesting! Thanks for sharing :)

  20. This is beautiful! Congrats on top9!

  21. Caitlin and Sandra, welcome and thanks for your compliment!

  22. It's lovely send over some for me :)

  23. Karen, I also hope you are near by my place ^_^

  24. beautiful! thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.

    question: is the quantity of your ingredients for 1 sheet of your mould tray?

    1. hi Najia, i remembered it was more than a tray. as i managed to do in different shapes.


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