19 January 2011

Germany Butter Cookies 德国酥饼

Gabriel was not happy these few days because mama spent too much time in the kitchen. Today I decided to let him joined me in the kitchen, we made this Germany butter cookies using Min's recipe but I reduced the butter content to make the dough not too sticky. Gabriel loves to play with the dough! I let him sprinkled sugar stars on the cookies, I think the sugar stars made the cookies look prettier.

I was busy juggling both my son and the cookies, tried to make the cookies in seconds. Most cookies are not totally round, there are faults in each of them. But to me these are the best cookies for my family because Gabriel is so happy to eat them! He run in the kitchen, tiptoes to reach the cookies container, grasped the cookies with his little fingers...I told myself, I should let him join me baking CNY cookies in future.


Recipe adapted from Min's        
250g butter (I used 150g)
80g icing sugar (I used 50g)
250g potatoes starch

100g plain flour

1. Mix butter and sifted flour into the electric mixer, blend until incorporated.
2. Add potatoes starch and flour, mix into dough.
3. Roll the dough into small balls, flatten with fork.
4. Preheat the oven to 170C bake for 15-20 mins.

Does it looks more American :D


  1. very pretty with the stars on top!

  2. Very nice with the sprinkles on top. I made this yesterday :)

  3. hahah! actually i wanted to say it looks more American to me too, till I scrolled down your entry :P Lovely cookies!

  4. Nice cookies, really very American, I'm going to bake this cookies again for my friends :)

  5. I like the sprinkles, add colours to the plain looking cookies. Kids will like it. :)

  6. 呵呵,饼干被点缀得很漂亮哪~

  7. Jess, thank you! I also think so :)

    Ann, yes, it attracts my son to eat them one by one :)

    Jean, haha...I think it should be name American Butter Cookies then :D

  8. Min, I love the taste of this cookies, thanks for the recipe!

  9. SSB, I love the sprinkles too! It really add colours to this cookies.

    鲸鱼, 但是照型方面就勉强而已。。。

  10. Very nicely done, I guess you have to really keep an eye on the cookies while baking huh? I always overbaked mine sigh!

  11. Jeannie, yes, if the baking time is short, usually I'll stand in front of the oven and WATCH over it :D but most of the time temperature of your oven is the main reason for over browned of the cookies.

  12. these cookies are getting so popular..must be darn good!! looks pretty!

  13. The cookies are lovely. I think the best part of this would be baking and enjoying the cookies with Gabriel.

  14. Wah a lot of people are making this cookies. Now I am tempted. The color of the sprinkles really pop out and give the cookies color. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Lena, thanks! yes, it melt-in-mouth texture is lovely!

    Zoe, Gabriel really enjoyed baking with me.

    Jet, this is another easy recipe, not much effort you can get the lovely cookies.

  16. They look very pretty with stars! Bet they taste as good as they look.


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