28 November 2011

My Birthday

Day pass a day and year pass a year,
finally I come to this junction,
where should I go,
turn left or turn right...or just stop at this point of time?

How am I going to proceed?
I wish I have the answer ...

I find myself in a dry land, deserted from my previous me,
what should I do? what should you do?
I wish I can go back...
how about you?

Sunday was my birthday, I baked a simple chocolate sponge cake with cream cheese frosting for myself. It is very meaningful to me because it is my first attempt in getting a tall sponge cake. My son loves this cake, WT think it is yummy too :) The cream cheese frosting is delicious and not too buttery. If talking about the cake decoration, well, as you can see, I need more practise.

To all fellow bloggers and readers, I just created a page on Facebook to record down my cooking and baking journey. Hope you don't mind to click on the Facebook "like" button on the right side column or here to support my attempt, thank you!

Ingredients for chocolate sponge cake:
3 eggs
100g fine sugar
2 tbsp milk
55g plain flour
15g unsweetened chocolate powder
20g unsalted butter

1. Whisk egg with sugar.
2. Place the mixing bowl in a double boiler, whisk the egg mixture until light and fluffy.
3. The egg mixture temperature should be between 38~40C.
4. Remove from heat and beat the egg mixture in high speed until ribbon stage.
5. Add milk and flour mixture in 3 batches. Stir the mixture in one direction to mix the mixture well.
6. Add melted butter and mix well. Pour in baking mould, knock out bubbles.
7. Bake at 170C for 30 mins.

Ingredients for cream cheese frosting:
200g cream cheese
30g butter
50g icing sugar

Whisk the cream cheese until smooth, add butter and icng sugar and mix well.


  1. Ah Tze, happy birthday to you. May you stay young and pretty always.
    Delicious cake, so soft and fluffy. Nice cream cheese topping too.
    I'd click you FB fan page. Cheers!

  2. Ah Tze,
    Happy birthday to you. May u stay pretty,healthy and joyful always.
    我'like' 你了,^_^

  3. happy belated birthday。。。。。。你和我家老二差一天?27号,对吗
    i "LIKE" you very much...hehehe :)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday. Wishing you happiness and good health

  5. Happy Happy Birthday to you Tze:)
    I already liked you...
    你的生日和我家老爷差一天 :D

  6. Eileen@Hundred Eighty DegreesMon Nov 28, 06:09:00 PM 2011

    Hi Ah Tze, happy belated birthday to you. May all wishes come true!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday, Ah Tze! Hope you can find what you want in life, gambateh ya!

  8. 我在这祝你:平安喜乐!

  9. Happy belated Birthday Tze ...

    ok..like and like and like .....u ...

    Ganbatte ...

  10. Happy Birthday To You ^^ May all your wishes comes true :)

  11. Hi Ah Tze, Happy Belated Birthday to you. May many more happy returns & wishing you the very best.
    Enjoy & have loads of fun.

  12. Happy birthday to you!Wishing you healthy and happy always! we know that we cant turn back the clock but we can always keep good memories. I will go over to FB later. Cheers!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday!! Best wishes to you and happiness always.

  14. Happy belated birthday to you Ah Tze, your cake definitely looks delicious and light:) Hope you enjoyed yourself:)

  15. Happy Birthday to you. This is a beautiful for your celebration!

    PS. I like you too.

  16. Happy Birthday and just go with your heart! :)

  17. Happy belated birthday ! Hope u have enjoy the great day !

  18. Happy Birthday!!
    Wish you happy happy happy birthday!

  19. Happy belated birthday, Ah Tze!
    May your days be filled with happiness and blessings! :)

  20. Happy Birthday, Ah Tze! Your cake looks wonderful!

  21. 你的生日对吗?

    我送你。。。。一个。。。“like" ^^

  22. Thanks to all beautiful ladies who send me the lovely birthday wishes! A big KISS to you, muakssss :D

  23. Ah Tze.. Happy Birthday to you!

    Ever since my first attempt on the cream cheese frosting, I fell in love with it too ^_^

  24. Happy Belated Birthday! That's a gorgeous cake!

  25. Happy Belated Birthday with lots of joy! May all your wishes come true .


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