03 November 2011


Saw 子瑜妈妈美食坊 made the beautiful mini prawns dumplings, at 子瑜妈妈爱米美食坊  she shared how to make the store bought dumpling skin thinner. By using the rolling pin to roll over the store bought dumpling skin a few times, we can get a thinner skin. Trying her recipe with the store bought dumpling skin.

Indeed the dumpling skin becomes bigger after rolling, whether it has becomes thinner, this you have to justify it yourself. I always deep fried the dumplings, this is the first time trying to boil them in boiling water. When I used the chopstick to poke the dumpling, gravy oozing out from it, I love this! This is definately a healthier choice if compared to deep fried dumplings. 


Recipe adapted from 子瑜妈妈美食坊 

Ingredients for filling:
250g prawns, peeled, cleaned and chopped
250g meat (I used pork), chopped
60g carrot, grated
1 egg
some spring onions, chopped
some salt
a pinch of peppers

1. Place prawns, meat, carrot, egg and spring onions in a bowl, add the salt, peppers and stir well in the same direction. Set aside.
2. Using a piece of dumpling skin, stuff the filling and make a pleat.
3. Place the dumpling in hot boiling water, boil for 4-6 mins. or until the dumpling float on the boiling water. Serve while hot.

For how to make the dumpling skin, please refer to 子瑜妈妈美食坊


  1. 很漂亮的水饺。。。。喜欢它的线纹喔。。。。

  2. 这我超喜欢

  3. Whoa, just look at those juicy gravy dripping out from the dumpling. Hmmm....I'm salivating.
    Hope you're having a lovely evening.

  4. Ah Tze,这个看了马上肚子很饿叻!很好吃喔!

  5. I want to eat this! looks so yummy! I like the last pic :D

  6. I love this kind of dumpling, prefer those with thinner skin. Yours definitely look yummy, especially from the last 2 photos.

  7. 水饺包得好美喔!:=)

  8. If compare with deep fried dumpling, I prefer this one ^_^

  9. Haven't made dumplings in a while..love the juicy seafood filling.

  10. Your dumplings are PERFECT! And your filling sounds fabulous! You are a pro at these beauties~

  11. they are beautifully wrapped! love it when you mentioned that the juices oozing out !!

  12. Your dumplings are nicely shaped. Yummy with the prawn n pork filling.

  13. so coincidence, i making this for tonight dinner, YUMMY!

  14. These are beautiful. I tried boiling dumpling, but always end skin coming off. These remind me that it had been ages, I never lay my hand on wrapping dumpling already.

  15. Joelyn, 我也觉得那线纹有美美哟 :)

    鲸鱼,这个很快的,没消耗太多时间 :)

    Kristy, thanks! I love the gravy too!

    Li Shuan, 来别客气!

    Bernice, thanks!

    Jeannie, I was using left hand to snap the last two photos, while my right hand held the chopstick :)

    Min, thanks for liking the dish!

    小鱼,我也是 :)

    爱丝特 ,for sure this is a healthier choice :)

    Angie, try it out! this is lovely!

    Lizzy, with the soft dumpling skin and the juicy filling, this is yummy!

    Lena, yes, thumbs up!

    Vivian, thanks!

    Sean, 来我家吃吧 :)

    Sonia, yes this is a nice dish!

    Muimui, placing a bit of water on the edge of the dumpling skin will help to pleat the dumpling nicely.


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