23 February 2012

Chocolate Yam Cake with Buttercream Roses

I've chosen to go without a domestic helper since I came back from Melbourne.

My house didn't turn upside down without the helper, I'm that kind of person who love my home to be organized and neat. That's mean I need to devote lot of daily time on housework. I'm blessed because WT helps up a lot after he comes home from work, he bathe Gabriel every night, play and read to Gabriel before he goes to bed. 

A break away from Internet is good for me, but away from the baking activities make me feel a bit lost and left behind by the world. Yes, this is the real life of the stay at home mum. Today Gabriel is going with his teachers to Science Centre, to see the Dinosaurs Exhibition and I can fetch him a bit later. I let myself have a break from house chore, no cooking, no washing, no mopping ... . I baked this cake and managed to decorate it, the spirit for the whole day is great.

This is my first buttercream cake, I admit the roses isn't as pretty as I want, my pipping skill isn't there yet. But looking at the whole drawer of pipping tools, I tell myself I need to get my hands on it or else all the tools must go into the bin!! First time getting the desired buttercream consistency and lightness. I'm satisfy with the result. The chocolate layer cake taste good with the yam filling. The sweetness is just right.

see a better version of buttercream rose cake posted on 20 Mar 2012.

Ingredients for cake:
1 pack of chocolate sponge cake premix
1.5 cup of water
1/3 cup of olive oil
3 eggs

1. Pour cake mixture into mixing bowl together with eggs, and water. Using electric mixer mix for 30 second in medium speed, then add oil and mix in high speed for 2 mins. The cake batter will be lumpy and shinny.
2. Pour the batter into 10" baking pan, bake at 180C for 45 mins.
3. Set a side to cool, cut into two layers. Set aside for later use.

Ingredients for yam filling:
1 medium size yam, ~250g (peel, steam until soft)
250ml thickening cream
2 tbsps sugar

1. Mash the soft yam together with thickening cream and sugar, mix well. Set aside for later used.

Ingredients for buttercream:
250g, 1 stick of butter (soften)
3 cups of powder sugar
3 tbsps milk
1 drop of green food colouring

1. Beat the soften butter together with powder sugar using electric mixer on low speed for 30 second, add 1 tbsp of milk and food colouring.
2. Beat on medium speed for 1 min, add another tbsp milk. Add milk again if the buttercream consistency is too stiff.

Cake assemble:
1. Place a layer of chocolate cake on cake board, apply the yam filling on it. Place another layer of cake and cover the whole cake with yam filling.
2. Place the cake into fridge for at least an hour.
3. Place the buttercream in pipping bag, and decorate the cake as desire.
4. Place the cake back into fridge for an hour before serving.

You may refer to I am baker blog for how to pipe the roses. 



  1. Wow!!很有耐心和手艺的一份蛋糕!! 赞赞!!

  2. the spirals are like roses! creative!

  3. I love cake with yam fillings! You didn't do too badly on that frosting at all.

    I am thinking of doing away with helper come this July. Not too sure whether I can handle it though.

    1. Edith, I'm sure you can handle it. your kids are older than mine, they can help too!

  4. That is a very pretty cake, you piped your roses so well!

  5. Tze very nice cake. I like the idea of choc cake sandwich with yam filling. Nice!

    1. the yam filling taste delicious with the chocolate cake, I love it!

  6. your piping skills are good cos i find it pretty!

  7. 芋头加巧克力,很巧妙的组合,应该很香吧!

    1. 小鱼,我老公通常都不吃蛋糕,这个他吃了一大块,还说好吃不会太甜呢!我是喜欢芋头的香味。

  8. Oh, never know yam can be paired with chocolate cake, must try to find out how it should taste..your swirl of roses buttercream is beautiful!

    1. If you like yam, the combo of yam and chocolate will delight your day! I never love a cake so much!

  9. Lovely cake! And the cake sounds delicious! Full-time mom is a FULL-TIME mom! I can relate how you feel! Take a well-deserved break once in a while, go shopping by yourself while hubby takes care of the little one at home. I love going shopping alone, especially to the bookstore!
    Wish you a lovely and pleasant weekend!

  10. Beautiful cake deco. Must be very nice having buttercream with choc+yam cake.

  11. Beautiful cake! I stink at piping so I'd say you did an outstanding job for your first attempt!

  12. 芋头内馅,一定很香 ^_^

  13. my piping tools are still sitting in the cabinet, not been used yet...
    i like the yam fillings cake...just never try eating yam with white chocolate, this look like very interesting combination, Tze...:)


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