31 October 2011

I'm back with ...

These chicken siew bao were made when I was in Penang. The pastry is better than my previous siew bao  but there is room to improve on the sealing part as the BBQ chicken source still leak out. I really love the taste of this yummy pastry :)

This is one of the busiest hawker centre at Lip Sim Garden in Penang. We were there on the morning of Deepavali (Indian's New Year) 

Banana Chocolate Cake from Secret Recipes.  

Is Grandpa's birthday!
Gabriel insisted to cut the cake and not to share the cutting session with Clement. Eventually it was Grandma holding Gabriel hand to cut the cake.

Gabriel had a great time staying in Penang because Clement is big enough to play with him. On the morning when we were going to leave Penang, Clement said he wanted to go Singapore with us. Gabriel who sat behind the car seat said "Of course, you can come Clement! No need to wear shoes, come!" When grandma took Clement away, Gabriel was very sad, he asked "why Clement can not come with us?" I told him, Clement has to get permission from his mommy.

Staying at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur, having opportunity to see Kolam the decorative artwork drawn on the floor using coloured ground rice powder. It represents Hindu deities and auspicious signs that are intricately displayed in front of a home or a prayer room.

This is one of the shop which sell various types of coffee powder in Melacca. It is located at 鸡场街, this shop is full of coffee aroma. There is an atrium to allow sunlight coming down in the middle part of the shop, with a cup of coffee in hand to enjoy the quiet time this is beautiful.

I found another special thing in Melacca which I will share with you in my coming post. Bye and keep tune!


  1. 期待你的分享捏

  2. I'm also waiting.... :D

  3. welcome to malaysia!

  4. wow i think the char siew boas look really good! and it's good to have some 'leak out' - I always buy those that do - makes me think as if they have too much filling and are bursting out hehe

  5. Your siew bao looks delicious! Now I'm curious about what you find special in Malacca! Can't wait! :)

  6. Welcome back, Ah Tze! Your siu pau looks yummy ler, looking forward for your coming post..too see what you wanna share with us, hehe :)

  7. Welcome to Penang...Y didn't contact me ....haha。。
    Yr siew pao so great ...bring some for me ma...呵呵!
    That was Super tanker coffee shop ...lots of food but not so nice...hahaha...I used to do marketing there yo!!

  8. It's been a while since I baked my siew pao, yours look really crispy and delicious! Glad to see you enjoyed yourself visiting various states of Malaysia:D

  9. 哈哈哈,好像每个小孩都很爱切蛋糕 ^_^

  10. 充好电记得要继续上好菜。。


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