18 April 2012

Cranberry Rye Bread (Overnight Sponge Dough Method)

I have wanted to bake a bread using the cranberries for sometimes, stored up lot of dried cranberries in my freezer and I still have a big bag of rye flour leftover from my previous baked, it is time to put them in good use.

This cranberry rye bread looks beautiful with the red colour chopped dried cranberries on it and I am delighted by its sweetness. The proportion of the rye flour with bread flour is 50:50, the bread is slightly brown in colour. Is delicious and healthy as breakfast or even as snack!  

I am using the overnight sponge starter in this bread to enhance the flavour of the bread.

Recipe from Ah Tze's Kitchen Play
Ingredients for sponge starter (overnight):
150ml warm milk
240g bread flour
1 tsp instant dry yeast
a pinch of salt

1. Stir all ingredients into a container. Knead a until the dough is smooth and no lump. Cover and leave it in a container place in fridge for overnight.

Ingredients for bread dough:
200g sponge starter
125g bread flour
125g rye flour
40g fine sugar
85ml cold water (can be slightly more if you find the dough is too dry)
1/4 tsp salt
30g unsalted butter, softened
100g chopped dried cranberries

1. Mix all ingredients except the butter into a rough dough (water should gradually add in). Add butter and mix into a smooth dough. Knead until it form an elastic film.
2. Add chopped dried cranberries. Roll the dough into a ball and place in grease tray for proofing.
3. Spray the dough with water, cover and let it proof for 60 mins or double in size.
4. Punch down the dough, roll it into a ball and cover. Let it rest for 15 mins.
5. Flatten the dough with rolling pin, roll it up swiss roll style in the length of the baking loaf pan.
6. Place the dough in baking loaf pan, spray with some water and cover it. Let it proof for second time for 60 mins. When the dough reach 90% of the heigh of loaf pan, place it in preheat oven bake at 210C for 40 mins.
7. Once baked, dislodge bread from loaf pan and cool on wire rack.

While I was snapping the photos, my son placed his toy ant on the bread and said "you shot the photos for so long, the ant comes to eat your bread!" OK, OK, is time to close the lens :)


  1. Tze, your son is so cute! (: I love this recipe especially it calls for cranberry! Overnight dough will yield a very soft bread! Love it! (:

  2. Wow, lovely bread! I love dried cranberries next to dried apricots! Your son is so cute! He's probably waiting to eat the bread when you have finished with the photos? !! :o)

  3. Tze,lovely bread. I like the colour and the ingredients. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  4. Nice texture! Such a healthy bread.

  5. the bread has very nice color, Tze...looks yummy...:)

  6. haha, good sense of humor of your son!
    This bread really looks GOOD!!

  7. Ur son is so cute.
    My girls like to stick their heads near my food when I take pics.

  8. 哈哈!好调皮的Gab,竟敢拿玩具蚂蚁来戏弄你,我在想你会不会常被他搞到哭笑不得。

  9. The toy ant looks more like spider to me, haha! I have 1 pack of cranberries at home but it's thinking to use it to make cranberries & sultanas oat cookies. I had 1 chocolate chip oat cookie from Quake(made in Malaysia) yesterday & it tasted so good that now I want to look for a similar recipes but replace the chocolate chips with cranberries & sultanas. My son also love the cookie & cranberries & sultanas are his fav! Oh, I must say that I haven't seen this bread recipe from anyway else! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It sounds good to have cranberries and sultanas in the cookies! Look closer, is a 6 legs ant not a 8 legs spider lah :D

  10. i want to try making a rye bread too, thanks so much for the recipe, hope to try it out some day!

  11. teehee your son's so cute ;p and I'm envious of how evenly spaced your cranberries are! my cranberries somehow always clump together instead of being 'dots' in the loaf :/

    1. Janine, you have to chop the dried cranberries as tiny as possible. mix it to the smooth dough, knead well to mix it evenly. The cranberries will eventurely spread out.

  12. oh yum! I love the flavor combo of cranberry and rye! It looks delicious!


  13. What an awesome looking bread - so fluffy and cranberry full :D
    Great work!

    Choc Chip Uru

  14. Ah Tze, your breads look better each time I visit here. My mouth is watering! Wish I can some of yours too. Hey, Happy Weekend, dear.

  15. I see you love to bake bread too! I too like to bake at least one loaf a week:) This looks like another great recipe to bookmark! Have a lovely Sunday:)

  16. Looks gorgeous! May I know whether the remainder of the overnight dough can be kept? For how long?

    1. the remainder overnight dough can be keep for 2-3 days in the fridge. once it turned grey means has to discard.

  17. Ah Tze, mine doesnt rise so high like yours, mine is very very short like drawft, can i know the size pan you using ? Btw, there is no yeast in main dough right ?


    1. hi Simonne, my loaf pan is 7.5"x 4"x4". yes, there is no yeast in the main dough. if you said your bread was short like drawft, it may be not enough kneading of the bread dough, or it could be not enough proofing.


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