30 June 2015

Green Tea Cheesecake with Milo Powder

I seldom bake cake as cake is not the food that I can put on my breakfast table. However, I bake this green tea cheesecake again because this heavy cream cheese cheesecake will be a good dessert for guests. I double the quantities to make a tall cheesecake, and I think I did a good job on mixing the green tea powder to the cream cheese mixture this round. The mild green on the cheesecake is very lovely! 

Now, why Milo powder and not cocoa powder? Just because I don't have sweetened cocoa powder and the combination of Milo and mild green tea taste great!  

29 June 2015

Red Bean Buns / Rolls 红豆沙面包

Dig out my homemade chunky red bean paste which I cooked sometimes ago using 800g of kidney red bean (I used kidney red bean in cans) to make this batch of bread, I just used about 400g of the red bean paste for this bread making. I didn't blend my red bean to smooth paste, it still contain bits of red bean chunk. The good thing about homemade red bean paste is you can control how sweet you want the paste to be. 

My son was "wow" by the twisted shape of this bread, however, the soft bread texture and the chunky red bean paste are the real winner. 

28 June 2015

Flower Hot Dog Buns 热狗花朵面包

This is another bread making using 65C water roux method. I made six hot dog buns in flower shape and 12 mini hot dog buns. Another popular soft bun love by my family.  

No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Bitter Sweet is what this chocolate peanut butter bars taste like. 

It's like our life we can't see our future but only trust on God leading the way. Every time when there is a need to embark on a new path we will resist as there is unknown, there is fear. However, when you trust on God and leap forward, you see light and future. When time to say goodbye, it always sad because is either friends leave you behind or you leave them on the same place. Bitter Sweet, when there is friendship, there is stories, when there is love, there is tears. 

When I saw the Tastemade's video on the No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars by Home Cooking Adventure I know is time to clear my bitter chocolate bar! I don't have enough creamy peanut butter, I add some chunk peanut butter in the chocolate layer as well. This bake is a surprise to me as it is not very sweet. This is such an easy and beautiful bake!  

26 June 2015

Vegetable Spring Rolls 春卷

I have been making this type of crispy spring rolls since I learnt it from my friend who used to make spring rolls in bulk for school event. I'm thankful that she shared the tips on how to fry the spring rolls filling and wrap it well so it will not open up when deep fry. So, no more soggy oily spring rolls from me. 

This time I managed to take some photos on the spring rolls before my family finished it in second. The spring roll pastry will remain crispy for a while and I love the crunchy vegetable with glass noodles in the filling, able to munch on the different layers of texture in the spring rolls, is so good!  

25 June 2015

Putu Mayam (aka Idiyappam)

Putu Mayam (Idiyappam) is rice flour noodles goes together with shredded coconut and palm sugar or dark brown sugar. It is an Indian snack, the ingredients used is about the same as Kueh Tutu/ Putu Piring, however, if compare the taste of Putu Mayam with Kueh Tutu, I would say that, they are totally from different dimension, yes both are using rice flour but as Putu Mayam comes in the form of noodles and there is oil in the rice flour dough the taste is more refine. 

For this Idiyappam making, I'm using the Thai brand rice flour. Add water until the wet rice flour dough is able to hold together, it will not stick too much to hands. Turning the Putu Mayam press mold was such an enjoyable experience, in fact it is easy to use. My last Putu Mayam was in Penang, that time my late grandfather still there, he loves Putu Mayam, this is my first Putu Mayam after so many years!

This morning while making Putu Mayam, I was baking another batch of Cranberry Cream Cheese bread too! ^^ 

24 June 2015

Kueh Tutu / Putu Piring 嘟嘟糕

Kueh Tutu or Putu Piring or Kue Putu Ayu is a round shaped steamed rice flour cake with shredded coconut and palm sugar/ gula melaka as its filling, but nowadays it has peanuts or even red beans filling too. I have not taste it since young, recently a friend of mine told me it tastes really good, she gamely challenge me to bake-along with her. As I don't have the special Kueh Tutu mold, I used tart mold it seems a great choice to do this work  too! 

Thanks to my friend, this lovely, a bit soft chewy texture of steamed rice flour cake is here. This is my second attempt, the first one came out too dry as I steamed the Kueh Tutu together with the tart mold on. By the way, the rice flour I used is the local brand rice flour.  

1. The rice flour mixture has to be wet enough to hold into a rough dough yet able to break into fine crumble. When the flour is put through a sieve, it will turn into very fine powder like in my photo.
2. Transfer of rice flour cake dough from mold to the steamer has to be very careful as I am not using the individual muslin cloth. Some loose rice flour crumble may break off but as long as it still in one piece during steaming, it will come out one piece and not break into crumble in your hands. 
3. If you do it right, the kueh tutu will stay soft and will not turn hard. (I checked my last piece of Kueh Tutu after 4 hours, it stays soft and fluffy)

20 June 2015

Dongpo Pork (Dong Po Rou 东坡肉)


Dongpo Pork (or Dong Po Rou) is one of the Chinese exquisite braised pork belly, after cook it in wok for 30 mins then transfer the pork belly to slow cooker for another 3 hours of slow cooking will result a delicacy that is rich in flavour and non greasy melt-in your mouth texture! 

My hubby loves this dish so much, he alone can finish 500g of pork belly in one meal! The tantalizing aroma is hard to resist! As for me, I only dare to eat one mouthful of the Dongpo pork looking at the speed of my increasing waistline and the number on the weighting machine is always going up!!! ok... just licking on the gravy!!    

Milk Crisp Buns 奶酥面包

Milk Crisp Bun is a bun filled with milk powder-butter filling and topped with fine coconut flakes. The fragrance of the coconut topping from this bun is amazing! It is one of my son favourites bun! 

The bread dough was very sticky to handle and extra flour for dusting is required. I made 15 small buns out of the 210g bread flour. 

19 June 2015

Vietnamese Salad Rolls (Goi Guon) 越式沙拉卷

Is another super hot day, let's make some simple cooling salad rolls for this summer! If you like herbs, this Vietnamese Salad Rolls (Goi Guon) will be perfect for you. Is easy to make and it doesn't has a fixed recipe for the filling, you can add whatever you like but basically the main ingredients for this salad are dried rice paper wrappers, coriander leaves, lettuce (or butter lettuce), bean vermicelli (or rice vermicelli also can), carrot, and seafood.

I have blanched the bean vermicelli until soft, rinsed it with cold water; add some oil, a teaspoon of light soy sauce, fish sauce and a tablespoon of lemon juice, then toast the mixture together before used. The Vietnamese Salad Rolls itself is flavourful even without dipping sauce. Yes, I soaked the prawn with a teaspoon of sugar cold water before used too.

Ten salad rolls is not enough for my family! The herbs and refreshing taste of the salad rolls will make you wanting to munch more of it!

To prevent tearing of rice paper wrapper, just briefly dip the rice paper wrapper in a plate of water. Take the rice paper wrapper out from water even it's still hard. Place the pattern checker side downward on a flat surface, the rice paper wrapper will soon turn soft.  

This salad rolls has to eat on the same day, keeping the salad rolls in fridge without cover will turn the rice paper wrapper hard. 


13 June 2015

Pork Floss Buns 肉鬆面包

Running out of bread at home again, this time I'm thinking of Pork Floss Buns! This bun is so popular in Singapore but sadly we can't get it here. Kill two birds with one stone, yes, I'm clearing the pork floss I have so making pork floss buns is putting it into good use, we are heading home for summer soon.

The bun remains soft even the second days, I can eat it plain without any filling. The milky butter flavour in the bun is the winner. I'm using the recipe by 陈郁芬 65C汤种面包,传统肉鬆面包 with a minor changes.

11 June 2015

Mexican Coffee Buns / Roti Buns 墨西哥咖啡面包

I'll start with telling you that Mexican Coffee Buns is not original from Mexico but from Singapore or may be Malaysia. There are Papa Roti, Mama Roti and Roti Boy stores selling this  Mexican Coffee Buns or Roti Buns. It is a bun with butter filling, and with a layer of cookie crust on top. Yes, it is famous because of its coffee fragrance crust and the soft bread texture. And I have not taste any Mexican Coffee Buns while I was in Singapore just because I can't take coffee, food or drink with caffeine in it will increased my heart beat and causing nausea. But then I realized the coffee bun which Papa Roti/ Mama Roti/ Roti Boy selling is not literally with coffee but just that bit of coffee powder in the cookie crust on top. 

However, if you can't take coffee like me, I suggest you reduce the coffee powder in the cookie crust, as that 1.5 tsp of Nescafe instant coffee powder still make me feel nausea after eating only one bun. 

While doing the search on Internet on coffee buns, I realized some people mentioned about the issue on collapsing of the cookie crust dome, I have not encounter this issue myself just suspect that it could be cause by under baked of the bun. 

My Mexican Coffee Buns, raised so beautifully with a brown, fat and crispy round dome! The most enjoyable part in baking this Mexican Coffee Buns is watching the topping melt and witness the expanding of its dome. With the used of water roux (Tangzhong) the bun texture is soft. If anything I want to change for future baking of this coffee buns that would be adding more butter filling, and only pipe the topping 1/3 of the bun instead of 3/4 of it.

Thanks Happy Home Baking for sharing her recipe. I refer to 陈郁芬65C 汤种面包,墨西哥面包 too. This coffee bun has to eat while it is hot, when it sit long in room temperature the cookies crust tends to turn a bit sticky, just pop it in the oven and reheat for 5 mins will make it good again. 

05 June 2015

Soft and Fluffy Sultana Cinnamon Rolls 葡萄干糖浆肉桂面包卷

Today I dig my hands into bread making again! My son asked for more Cranberry Cream Cheese Bread but I want a change on my breakfast table, what come to my mind was Cinnamon Rolls, a sweet bun that I love to eat...and it doesn't contain so much fat as in the cream cheese bread! The soft, moist and fluffy cinnamon bread texture with its distinctive cinnamon's fragrance is why it is my favourite.  I baked some breads using cinnamon before, one of it was Cranberry Cinnamon Rolls in Oct 2012. 

This round is a totally new attempt. I used 65C Tangzhong 汤种 to make the softness of the bread more lasting. That's mean the bread will remain soft for a few days. In the bread filling, I stirred together butter with sultana, cinnamon powder and sugar. One kg of cranberry is selling at QR50~QR55, so golden sultana or normal raisin will be more economical for homemade bread. 

After a few days of testing and baking something I seldom eat for fundraising, finally baking something I love, it is so comforting.^^ Hahh, this soft, moist and fluffy cinnamon rolls will not disappoint you.