20 June 2015

Milk Crisp Buns 奶酥面包

Milk Crisp Bun is a bun filled with milk powder-butter filling and topped with fine coconut flakes. The fragrance of the coconut topping from this bun is amazing! It is one of my son favourites bun! 

The bread dough was very sticky to handle and extra flour for dusting is required. I made 15 small buns out of the 210g bread flour. 

Recipe adapted from 65C 汤种面包 by 陈郁芬, pg 40-41

Yield: 15 pieces
water roux (Tangzhong):
25g bread flour
125ml water

40g unsalted butter
30g vegetable shortening 
30g icing sugar
1/8 tsp salt
30g egg
1 tbsp corn flour
80g milk powder

Bread dough:
210g bread flour
56g cake flour / top flour
20g milk powder
42g sugar
1/2 tsp salt
6g dried instant yeast
30g egg
85g water
84g water roux (Tangzhong)
22g unsalted butter
extra flour for dusting of dough and hands

1 egg + 1 tsp golden syrup, mix well
some fine coconut flakes

1. Prepare water roux: Cook the bread flour in water until is just thicken. Cover and set aside for later use.

2. Prepare filling: In a bowl, whisk the butter and vegetable shortening together. Add the icing sugar and salt, whisk until the mixture turn light and fluffy. Add the egg mixture in batched, mix well before each addition. Then fold in the flour mixture (corn flour and milk powder), mix well. Divide the filling to desire portions and keep it in the freezer, take out from freezer 5 mins before use. 

3. Prepare bread dough: In the KitchenAid mixing bowl, add the bread flour, cake flour, milk powder, sugar, salt, dried instant yeast, egg and water roux. Stir on speed 1 for a min, before gradually add the water. Continue with speed 2, mix until the bread dough come together then add the butter. Change to speed 4 and let the KA knead the dough until window pane stage. Dust the bread dough with extra bread flour if it is too wet to form rough dough. 

Place the bread dough in a briefly greased bowl, cover and let it proof until double its size. Punch down the air, divide the dough into 15 portions. Let it rest for 10 mins. Flatten the dough and wrap in the filling, seal up the edges. Seam side down on the baking tray. 

Let he bread dough balls proof until it double its size again, egg wash and dip individual bread dough ball into the fine coconut flakes, place the bread dough seam side down on baking tray again. Bake at 160C for 15 mins or until the top of the bread is lightly brown.