25 June 2015

Putu Mayam (aka Idiyappam)

Putu Mayam (Idiyappam) is rice flour noodles goes together with shredded coconut and palm sugar or dark brown sugar. It is an Indian snack, the ingredients used is about the same as Kueh Tutu/ Putu Piring, however, if compare the taste of Putu Mayam with Kueh Tutu, I would say that, they are totally from different dimension, yes both are using rice flour but as Putu Mayam comes in the form of noodles and there is oil in the rice flour dough the taste is more refine. 

For this Idiyappam making, I'm using the Thai brand rice flour. Add water until the wet rice flour dough is able to hold together, it will not stick too much to hands. Turning the Putu Mayam press mold was such an enjoyable experience, in fact it is easy to use. My last Putu Mayam was in Penang, that time my late grandfather still there, he loves Putu Mayam, this is my first Putu Mayam after so many years!

This morning while making Putu Mayam, I was baking another batch of Cranberry Cream Cheese bread too! ^^ 

Recipe from Masam Manis
Yield: 12 rolls of rice flour noodles
2 cups of rice flour
2 cups of water
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp corn oil (I used 2 tbsp corn oil)
Shredded coconut with a pinch of salt
dark brown sugar or palm sugar or gula melaka 
some banana leaves

1. Wash and cut the banana leaves into small round shape. Lightly greased the banana leaves.
2. Heat up the steamer.
3. In a medium size pot, boil water with salt and corn oil until boiling. Remove from heat.
4. Gradually add in rice flour in batches, use a wooden spatula keep stirring the rice flour mixture together, continue to add rice flour until all water is absorbed. Carefully (as the dough is very hot) knead the rice flour into dough, put some dough into the Putu Mayam press and tighten it. Turn and press out the rice flour noodle dough on the greased banana leaves. Place them in the steamer. Steam for 2~3 mins, or until the Putu Mayam is not sticky when touch. 
5. Serve hot or cold with shredded coconut and sugar.