20 June 2015

Dongpo Pork (Dong Po Rou 东坡肉)


Dongpo Pork (or Dong Po Rou) is one of the Chinese exquisite braised pork belly, after cook it in wok for 30 mins then transfer the pork belly to slow cooker for another 3 hours of slow cooking will result a delicacy that is rich in flavour and non greasy melt-in your mouth texture! 

My hubby loves this dish so much, he alone can finish 500g of pork belly in one meal! The tantalizing aroma is hard to resist! As for me, I only dare to eat one mouthful of the Dongpo pork looking at the speed of my increasing waistline and the number on the weighting machine is always going up!!! ok... just licking on the gravy!!    

Recipe adapted from Rasa Malaysia with changes 
1 kg of pork belly
4 scallions, cut into one inch length
some straw strings or kitchen twine to tie the pork belly cubes, soak in water until soften
2 tbsps cooking oil
4 cups water
an inch length ginger, sliced
2 star anises
2 cinnamon sticks
2 tbsps sugar (to taste)
5 tbsps light soy sauce (to taste)
5 tbsps dark soy sauce 
8 tbsps red rice wine (hua diao wine, etc.)
1 tbsp corn flour + 1 tbsp water, mix well

1. Rinse and cut the pork belly in big block (~4cm square). Tie pork belly cubes with straw strings and scald in boiling water for 2 mins.
2. In a wok, heat oil and fry the sugar until it turns golden brown, add water and bring to a boil. Add spring onions, ginger, star anises, cinnamon sticks, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce and 4 tbsps of red rice wine. Bring to a boil again, add pork belly cubes, skin side down on the wok. The water level should be able to cover the pork belly. Cook for 30 mins. Taste the gravy, add sugar or light soy sauce if needed.
3. Transfer the pork belly cubes to a slow cooker, cook on high heat, with skin side of the pork belly facing upward. Pour all the gravy into the slow cooker, add the remaining 4 tbsps red rice wine. Cook for at least 3 hours or until the meat is tender. 
4. Gently skim away the fats/oil on top of the gravy. Take out the Dongpo Pork and place it on serving plate. If you prefer the gravy to be a bit thicken, transfer the gravy to a saucepan and on medium heat, add the corn flour mixture (add sugar to taste if you prefer the gravy to be sweeter) and stir until the gravy thicken. Pour the gravy on the Dongpo Pork. Serve hot.