21 October 2011

Kuih Talam (Steamed Coconut Pudding)

Today clearing my pandan juice (screwpine leaves) from the fridge :)

Kuih Talam is one of my favourite kuih, I ate half of the tray once it is ready for cutting :) The salty coconut topping blends so well with the sweet pandan bottom layer. The taste is so close to the Kuih Talam I ate when I was young. The memory of waiting at the doorway with my sisters for the Indian man who sell all sort of nyonya kuihs in his little push trolley to pass by my house, come back to me.  

I placed the grease banana leaves in the tray to make the kuih more flavourful. 

Recipe adapted from Aromas of Kuihs by Amy Wong
I changed a bit on the quantities because I used the 6 inch tray instead of the 7 inch tray as stated in the recipe.
Ingredients A (soaked for 15 mins)
50g green bean starch
150ml water

Ingredients B
180g sugar (used 120g)
70g rice flour
15g tapioca flour

Ingredients C (blended and filtered for 400ml 300ml)
100g pandan leaf
380ml water (used 250ml)

Ingredients D
1/8 tsp alkaline water (omitted)
2 drops green colouring (omitted)

Ingredients E (Top)
250ml coconut milk (used 200ml pack)
200ml water (used 150ml)
45g rice flour
35g tapioca flour
3/4 tsp salt

1. Mix ingredients A, B, C and D. Filter and cook till slightly thickened. Pour the mixture into mould and steam for 30 mins.
2. Mix ingredients E. Filter and cook till slightly thickened. Pour the mixture onto step 1 and steam for another 20 mins. (medium heat) set aside to cool before cutting into pieces. You may place it in the fridge before cut for serving.

Note: This should be the last kuih from me for this month, I'll be away for a week and happy baking to all!


  1. I like this too, but i have been eating too much of coconut already, this one keep next time only do, hehehe..Thanks for sharing.

  2. So delicious! I never tire of coconut...and this is such a beautiful dish~

  3. I am still on the quest for the perfect kuih talam which is bouncy.
    Have a nice holiday :)

  4. it looks very nice!
    enjoy ur holiday ^^

  5. Long time didn't eat this kuih already, miss its taste :) Enjoy your holiday ya!

  6. 发觉你们都很会做糕点,我来来去去都是那几样而已。。呵呵

  7. i like your food pictures and want to invite you to try out tastingspot.com. it's for anyone that just wants another place to submit photos and share it will other foodies.

  8. Lizzy, thanks! I'm like you not tire of the coconut taste too :)

    鲸鱼,这个好吃哟,没加alkaline water也有QQ哟!

    Wendy, this is my first try on kuih talam, is not perfect but it taste lovely :)

    Bernice, 好久不见!你家的照片近来都好漂亮!

    Min, you should try this kuih it wouldn't take long to prepare :)

    Esther, change your name? 以你的公力,这不难啦!

  9. Foodie@Taste Spot, thanks for the invitation, will try it out!

  10. you really made so many types of kuihs! now you can have a good break and enjoy your holidays!!

  11. 我做的kueh多数吃不完,都是请人吃,所以呀。。。 可以请我吃吗? 呵呵。。。

  12. Ah Tze
    Kuih Talam is definitely my favourite.... Its been a long while since I cook them... Thank you for sharing :D

  13. wowww looks really good - I like kuih talam too, as well as seri muka :D

  14. Looks delicious! I can almost smell the aroma of the pandan leaves and the fragrant santan! Yum!

  15. Tze, another of my favorite kuih. I salute you for making this one. I heard it is extremely hard to get it right. Yours look perfect. How I wish I can have a piece now.

  16. Hello. Senang-senang jalanlah kegerai kuih saya


    Gerai Karipap Panas Wangsa Melawati@ karipappanas.blogspot.com

    macam-macam ada. semua sedap.

  17. Coconut and pandan...a double flavoured kueh....so pretty and delicious.

  18. Interesting to see your kueh look firm and well-set without using any alkaline water. I wonder what is the function of alkaline water to the flavor and texture of these kueh.

  19. May I know what is green bean starch

  20. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments and glad that you like the kuih talam as much as I do!

    Edith, I bought mine at the neighbourhood grocery shop, they said green bean starch is "Tepung Hoen Kue".


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