19 October 2011

Steamed Purple Sweet Potato Chocolate Bun/ Bao

Rainny day.
Today is the third day walking Gabriel to school, he was rubbing his eyes, still tired after a short nap. He looked happy, smiling and joking with me while I held his little hand.  This new school is so close to home, a 5 mins walking distance, and I really appreciate God give me this opportunity to walk my son to school, this experience is invaluable. So much joy to see him willing to wear his new uniform and anticipate to see his teachers and friends.

It was raining heavily when I went to fetch him, I cuddled him close to me and he held the umbrella which was so big if compared to his size. The 5 mins walk was so long as my sandle was so slippery and Gabriel was a bit heavy for me. He held the umbrella up right until we reached our condo gate, when I finally placed him on the floor, he asked me "Mama, are you tire?" His caring warm my heart. Sharing an umbrella, snuggle together to prevent getting wet, all these experiences I will treasure in my heart for a long long time.

This afternoon, I made these purple sweet potato chocolate buns using the leftover from my previous baking, need to clear the fridge as I'm counting down for my holiday :) Gabriel loves chocolate, he will be happy to see this bun waiting for him when he is home.

Until today, all my baos and breads were hand kneading. I like to feel the softness of the dough and kneading them using hands will ensure you get the dough right. The end result will be a soft and fluffy bao/bun.  

I appreciate some readers sent in emails asking baking related questions and also sharing their experiences after using my recipes. To be precise, I'm a bit overwhelm by it. Who am I to guide them in their baking journey while myself still in the process of learning? I'm only a mother to a little kid who love to make baos using my hands.  

Recipe for Bao/Bun Ingredients:
400g bao flour
100g purple sweet potatoes (peeled, boiled and mashed)
1 tsp instant dry yeast
200ml warm milk (used 150ml)
20g sugar
1/4 salt
some vegetable shortening

Chocolate paste from Phoon Huat
1. Place the yeast into warm liquid for 5 mins.
2. Add all above dry ingredients into a bowl, graduately pour in the yeast liquid. Knead until it form a nonsticky dough, add the vegetable shortening and knead until the dough is smooth and elastic.
3. Form a ball and place in a bowl cover with damp cloth. Let it proof for 1 hour.
4. Once proofing complete, punch down and form a long dough. Divide the dough into 18 nos.
5. Flatten the dough, stuff the filling in the middle, wrap it into small ball.
6. Place bao dough on a piece of baking paper and let it proof for another 20 mins.
7. Place bao dough in the preheat steamer and steam for 10~12 mins


  1. 很柔美的颜色

  2. Really soft... :) Love the textures...

  3. This looks nice, the bao skin looks soft and fluffy. Love it!

  4. Beautiful bao! Love the light purple colour.

  5. Your bao looks good! You are certainly becoming an expert at bao making!

  6. to be able to walk your son to school and spending every moment of that is a luxury! enjoy that! another lovely paus from you..really like the soft purple color!

  7. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments, glad you like the bao as much as I do!

  8. 那句mama, are u tire? 让我很感动。一直觉得能自己带大孩子是很幸福的事。


  9. Your paus look lovely! Can u please advise how much VEGE shortening u used?


  10. Thks for the quick reply! :) will try this recipe as soon as I get all the ingredts!



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