09 August 2011

Happy 46th Birthday Singapore!

In a blink of eyes, I have been living in Singapore for a good 13 years. Today is Singapore 46th Birthday, I would like to say thanks to this country for giving me what I have today. The equal opportunity which we get here is what I can't get from my own country. May this country always be a safe place for us to live, Happy Birthday Singapore!

The above is a hand held windmill flag brought back by Gabriel from school. His first National Day celebration with teachers and friends. 


  1. 至少新国真的好过。。。。。好过。。。。我不能乱写,等下被捉哦。。。。呵呵呵

  2. The hand held windmill flag is so beautiful, my son only got one paper flag plus one vitagen... so funny

  3. Hi!Tze 。。here I come 。。

    Happy birthday Singapore ...

    The hand held windmill flag is so cute ...Like~


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