24 August 2011

Heritage Food Trail: My version of Penang Hokkien Mee (福建面)

I always cook this Hokkien dish but seldom post it because of my laziness in getting the food nicely done up and not to keep big boy with rumbling tummy waiting. The Hokkien Mee paste I used for this dish was a homemade paste by my mum who learnt cooking from my late grandmother after she married my father. My mum made a bottle of the paste for me many months ago, I keep it in freezer. She told me the ingredients she used to make the paste but not the quantities of it as ... it depends on how much paste you want to make, was her answered to me. So, in the recipe for paste, I only can tell you the ingredients. 

Usually yellow noodles is used in Hokkien Mee, some may like to mix bee hoon (rice noodles/Rice vermicelli) with yellow noodles. I didn't like the yellow noodles, therefore, usually I used only bee hoon.

My improvise version of Hokkien Mee Soup, used of chicken bone, prawn heads and shells in the soup.

Recipe from Ah Tze's kitchen play

Ingredients for paste:
dry prawn, pounded
shallot, sliced into thin
lemon grass, chopped
chilli, pounded
some balacan
oil, a few spoons
assam water

1. Heat up wok, fry all the ingredients (except sugar and assam water) in hot oil for 10 mins, add sugar, add assam water, continue to fry until the paste is dry. Set aside.

Ingredients for soup:
2 chicken bones, wash and boil in hot water for 5 mins, set aside
some celery, cut into short
2 big tomatoes
6 tbsp of homemade Hokkien Mee paste
300g of fresh prawns, peeled and deveined
3 tbsp oyster sauce
3 tbsp light soy sauce
3 tbsp oil
500 ml water

1. Heat the wok with oil, fry the shell of the prawns until fragrance. Add water, simmer for another 15 mins. Set aside.
2. Add Hokkien Mee paste in the slow cooker, add chicken bones, celery, tomatoes and the (1), add another 2 bowls of hot water. Cook for at least 3 hours. Add oyster sauce and light soy sauce.
3. Boil water, cook prawns in boil water for 2 mins. Take out and set aside.
4. Boil water, add been hoon in boil water for 3 mins. Take out and set aside.
5. Transfer been hoon to a serving bowl, add soup and garnish with whatever you like, eg. prawns, boil egg, chillies, fry shallots. Serve immediately.

If you go Penang, you must try Penang Hokkien Mee, it is different from the prawn noodles we eat in Singapore, the soup is much thicker. However, is this Hokkien Mee really a dish from Hokkien, that I don't know, what I know is you can see and smell this dish at most of the hawker centres in Penang. Is a signature dish for Penangite!  

I'm submitting this post to join Edith's Heritage Food Trail Event.


  1. i want a bowl right now, look so yummy! usually i will keep those prawn heads and shells to cook this dish..

  2. 鲸鱼,你是第一!来,趁热吃吧!

  3. Sonia, yes, those prawn heads and shells were fry in wok then add to the slow cooker. The soup taste very fragrance ya!

  4. Oooo..... looks so delicious.
    There's no good prawn noodle here in my town. Sigh!

  5. Wendy, go Penang! go Penang! for this food ^^

  6. 很好吃哩!每次煮SARAWAK LAKSA时除了鸡骨,我也喜欢加进虾头呢!有个依班朋友说她把虾头搅烂再煮,味道更浓,我没试过啦(懒惰,哇哈哈哈)


  7. Aiyo... One bowl, please ...rumbling tummy here ...haha..

  8. This is Penang Assam Laksa? Looks so tempting!

  9. Oh gosh look at the broth!!! This is to die for! Tks for yr support.

  10. Lizzy, if you go to Penang and eat the authentic Hokkien Mee, you won't see the big prawns. The hawker usually use the small prawns :)

  11. 茄子,虾头搅烂再煮真的味道会更浓也,但。。每天都和时间赛跑的我。。。

  12. Anncoo, no! This is not Laksa is Hokkien Mee. only small quantity of assam water used to add extra taste to the prawn paste.

  13. Edith, haha, thanks for your invitation or else this dish won't be surface :)

  14. seriously, this looks so good!! i always have prawn mee over here..err not home cooked, i always eat at one of my favourite stalls!

  15. Ur hokkien mee looks so tempting, felt like grab one right now...will cook my instant curry noodle later, just to 望梅解渴,hehe~~

  16. in singapore there are 2 versions of hokkien prawn mee, one is fried, the other is in soup! i love both! yours sound delicious!

  17. Lena, I've one favourite stall for Hokkien Mee at Jurong West too ^^

  18. Shu Han, I agreed with you that we all growing up loving the food we eat since young.


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