17 August 2011

Pink Guava Red Bean Snow Skin Mooncake (with pumpkin seeds)

This is my second attempt on snow skin mooncake. I managed to get a better and tasty skin texture. It tastes delicious by adding pink guava juice instead of the fruit fragrance to the mooncake skin. 

Ingredients for skin:
100g premix snow skin powder
40ml pink guava juice 
10g shortening
Ingredients for filling:
40g red bean paste
1 tsp pumpkin seeds

1. Mix the ingredients for filling and roll the dough into a ball set aside.
2. Place snow skin powder into a small bowl, gradually add the juice (no need to add all), knead into a rough dough and add shortening and knead into a smooth dough. Chill the dough for an hour.
3. Flatten the skin dough and wrap in filling, shape the dough into a ball. Cut away excessive skin dough.  Place in the mooncake mould, press and dislodge imprinted mooncake.

To make double tone colour on snow skin, click here.

Red bean paste mix with a teaspoon of pumpkin seeds.


  1. Oooo....I love when you used guava juice. The skin must be so delicious and fragrant.
    Thanks so much for sharing the idea.
    Blessings, Kristy

  2. 浅浅的粉红色,很漂亮 ^_^

  3. 亲爱的,你。。。 你。。。。真的好快哦。。。。。

  4. Kristy, thanks for leaving your comment! yes, indeed the skin is full of guava fragrant and is yummy too :)

    鲸鱼,是的,香香的guava ^^

  5. neyeeloh, 你也喜欢这浅色吗? ^_^

    Joelyn, 你。。。你。。。得快点咯。。。

  6. What a brilliant idea to use guava juice for snowskin mooncake! Time files quickly and it's mooncake festival again.

  7. Lovely mooncake.
    My family loves these snow skin mooncake more than the traditional ones. :)

  8. Zoe, are you able to get lantern and mooncake from Chinatown at your place?

  9. Christine, welcome! Thanks for leaving your comment.

  10. Hi, how many grams is the filling per mooncake and weight too, of each piece of dough? I have not made mooncakes before, and am worried about the dough being too thick, or filling being too big for the dough to wrap around. Thanks.

    1. Suhui, the quantities for the filling and skin dough really depends on the mould you used. I couldn't remember how much I used for the filling for this mooncake as it was made in year 2011. Do visit my latest post on mooncake as I have spelled out the quantities for dough skin and filling.


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