17 July 2013

Parmesan Cheese Bread (straight dough method)

My last bake on bread was on Marble Chocolate Wheel Bread it was nearly 9 months ago! As bread making needs long proofing time that's make me keep delaying making one. Today I tried to make one when Gabriel is at school, hopefully I can brush up my bread making skills. 

The taste of this bread is really delicious, adding of whipping cream in the bread does produces soft bread texture, Gabriel gobble up two pieces after he came back from school!  I'm using the recipe from Joceline, a bread recipe which lot of bloggers are using. 

Recipe from Joceline of Butter. Flour and Me 
300g high protein flour (used 350g)
50g yellow sugar
2g salt
200g whipping cream
20g butter
5g instant dried yeast

grated parmesan cheese/sugar

1. Mix all the ingredients together, knead until smooth. Proof for an hour.
2. Paunch out the air, divide the dough into 9 pieces, let the bread dough rest for 10 mins.
3.  Flatten the dough ball with rolling pin, roll the dough up swiss roll style. Flatten again and roll up for another two times.
4. Seam side down, place the dough balls in the lines baking tray.
5. Cover the dough and let it proof for another 45 mins.
6. Sprinkle some grated parmesan. Place in the pre-heated oven at 170C bake for 20 mins. 
7. Sprinkle with some sugar once the bread is out from oven. 


  1. 现在我家里烤箱也在烤着面包的。哈哈哈 ~ 也是孩子的下午茶。

  2. Hi Ah Tze,

    9 months of not baking bread! Not for me :p Even since I tasted my first success of bread baking, I never want to stop...

    Your cheese bread looks lovely! I bet Gabriel will love this. My son is always asking me to bake bread for him :D


    1. Hi Ah Tze,

      Nice to have you interested in hosting Cook Like a Star. Is there any email account that I send you the details?

      If you are not comfortable leaving your email address in my blog comment, you can send me an email at zoebakeforhappykids@gmail.com

      Hope to hear from you.


  3. 面包软软的,一定很好吃,我要我要。

  4. I think these buns are really soft and delicious! Your bread had always looked very fluffy! I don't think your skills need any brushing up!

  5. Your cheese bread is nicely baked. I love anything that has cheese on it.

  6. I like your 4th photo with the pull-away shot! With parmesan on top, your bread must be smelling extra good!

  7. cheese的面包我最喜欢了:)

  8. Wow Tze! Your bread looks really soft! Hmm... Will ask wife to make this! :D

  9. Very nice soft bread. I also bookmarked this recipe from Joceline. Must find time to make this soon.

  10. look fantastic and wonderfully soft and so much cheese too!

  11. 我来迟了,面包很软哦,喜欢。。:)

  12. YUM! I bet this bread is yummilicious with parmesan cheese, my favorite! Love the soft texture & the golden brown color! So inviting!

  13. i like this bread with the cheese topping. yummy.

  14. Hi Ah Tze,
    Great looking bread! Looks very soft and delicious!
    Have a great week!

  15. These are so golden and beautifully baked!!! Yum!

  16. What is yellow sugar, or what is a good alternative to yellow sugar?


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