15 July 2013

Turmeric Pumpkin Soup

It was a good rest for me for the past two weeks, taking time to be with my son who was on school holiday and experience so much mercy given by God. We have been waiting for nearly six months. Finally God open a door for my hubby, that's mean we will be busy planning for our next move again. I want to pen down the words send by a friend to me to keep myself remember: 

Life is a winding road with unknown perils and troubles, but we can be certain of God’s providence, security, and care. 
Troubles are unknown; God’s providence is certain. 

My family and I went to Mt. Baw Baw (funny name right :D) last week, it was the first snow experience for Gabriel (will post it soon) One of the day we had our lunch at Kelly's Cafe, I don't actually like their burger but I love their pumpkin soup, it has turmeric in it! Yes, in this cold winter, what will be better than this creamy heartwarming soup. As I have a pumpkin laying in my kitchen, I swing into action to replicate the taste of that pumpkin soup, my hubby said the taste of the soup is really good with silky textured! 

Recipe from Ah Tze's Kitchen play
(make for 5 serving)
1 medium size pumpkin (about 1kg, peeled, remove seeds, chopped into small chunks)
1 onion, finely chopped
300ml heavy cream (or double cream)
3 tbsp olive oil
~700ml water (or stock)
1 tbsp sugar (to taste)
1/2 tbsp turmeric 
1/2 tbsp minced garlic
1/2 tsp salt
some ground black pepper
some dried parley flakes  

1. Heat a soup pot with olive oil in it. Add minced garlic, fry for 1 min, add the chopped onion, fry for another 3 mins, add the pumpkin chunks and turmeric. Pour in water, stirring occasionally until the pumpkin starts to soften. Bring to boil, then simmer for another 10 mins until the pumpkin turned mash or very soft. 
2. Add the salt and sugar to taste and pour in the cream, bring back to boil. Pour the mixture into a blender to make pumpkin puree.
3. Scoop the soup to the serving plate and garnish with a tbsp of cream, sprinkle with some dried parley flakes and ground black pepper. Serve warm. 


  1. 这个很健康,很有营养的。

  2. The other way I made a similar pumpkin soup too, you should prepare more often for your family because it is healthy .

  3. This soup looked healthy and I have bookmarked it. Have not tried Pumpkin Soup with Turmeric before, something new to me.

    1. Hi Cecilia, I fell in love with this Turmeric pumpkin soup since I tried it at Kelly's Cafe. Give it a try, you will love the taste!

  4. Hi Tze! The soup sure looks yummy and very healthy too!

  5. What a beautiful color this soup has! Wouldnt mind a big bowl if it right about now!

  6. Super receta de sopa se ve muy deliciosa y saludable me encanta,saludos y abrazos.


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