05 July 2013

Cantonese Chicken Wine 廣府鸡酒

This dish is good for health because of the use of ginger, sesame oil and rice wine in it. These ingredients can be adjusted according to personal taste and preference. Most of the time this dish is with black fungus, however as I run out of it, I cooked this dish without black fungus. 

Recipe from the Essence of Confinement Cooking with minor modification
7 chicken drumsticks (you can chop the chicken into smaller pieces or cut the fresh of the drumstick into half for faster cooking)
5~6 pieces of dried mushrooms (soaked, cut into small) 
80g ginger, sliced
100ml yellow rice wine
100ml shaoxing wine
5 tbsp sesame oil
3 tbsp light soy sauce
500ml water
1 tbsp sugar

1. Boil the chicken in boiling water for 5 mins. Remove from fire and drain the chicken, wash. Set aside.
2. Heat up sesame oil in pan, add the ginger, fry until fragrant and it turns golden brown slightly. Add the chicken, stir-fry until aromatic and the colour turns slightly brown.
3. Pour in water, light soy sauce, sugar and mushrooms. Bring to boil and continue to cook for further 15 mins. Then add in yellow rice wine, and shaoxing wine, bring back to boil. Dish up and serve hot.

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  1. Tze, I love this chicken wine very much and usually added lot of ginger. But cannot take too often as it is very heaty.

  2. 想念这样的家乡菜。我也准备好了kampung鸡(菜园鸡),周末要煮红酒鸡。喜欢加上面线。

  3. This looks delicious, one of my very favourites!

  4. Hi Tze! Thanks for linking this recipe to LTU!

    We cook this quite frequently at home too!

    Oh... and you have a new follower! :D

  5. I cooked this dish very often and I always have extra rice to go with it.

  6. 看到你家的黄酒鸡,让我想起了厨房里还有一支妹妹送到黄酒还没开张,嘻嘻嘻~

  7. This dish especially good for women, sound so yummy!

  8. Yummy....can I have a bowl of rice, please!!! Hahaha ��

  9. This is so nice.. I saw Joceline's suggested with mee suah ...now I just can't stop thinking of having this.
    Can u find the wine here ?

    1. Li Shuan, you can get it from Asian Groceries shop, most of the big shop carries Chinese wine.

  10. This dish goes well with rice and is nice to have it during the cold season too.

  11. i love this very much and been cooking this a few times last month. I used glutinous rice wine, next time i can try the yellow rice wine.. dont think they are the same wine hor?

    1. Lena, they are not the same wine, I see some recipes using glutinous rice wine also. Delicious!

  12. Hi ah Tze,

    I can see that you have been cooking lots of comforting food lately? This gingery chicken must be very warming to eat for our chilly winter.

    What do you think of Melbourne so far? Hope that you like living in this wonderful city.



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