17 February 2011

Cranberry Chocolate Roulade

Waiting for quite some time before I recieved Carol's baking books. My first try on her recipe is... roulade. I must say that I like Carol's baking books. I love the step-by-step photos and tips which she took effort to compile. I'm using Carol's Banana Chocolate Roulade recipe and steps to make Cranberry Chocolate Roulade, and replaced the banana with dried cranberries. Attached is the ingredients used but not the steps, the original recipe is in Mandarin which I don't think that I can translate it accurately.

Recipe adapted from Carol's banana chocolate roulade 巧克力香蕉巻

A. Flour Mixture

5 egg yolks
20g icing sugar
30g olive oil
60g cake flour (or top flour) 
30g cocoa powder
3 tbsp milk

B. Meringue
5 egg whites
1 tsp lemon juice
60g icing sugar

C. Filling
150g whipping cream
15g icing sugar
some dried cranberries

In the recipe, Carol shared that cutting some lines at the edge of the sponge would prevent breaking when roll-up the roulade, yes, this is true for me!


  1. i love carol books too! very detailed! your roulade is perfectly done beautiful! 元宵节快乐!

  2. is so nicely done and look sooo YUMMY! (:

  3. beautiful roulade, love how they are rolled up tightly. looks delicious :)

  4. Very nice! I love Carol's book also :)

  5. 鲸鱼,谢谢!第一次做到可以像树桐,真高兴!

    Jess, I was surprised when received such a thick cook books, usually the cook books wouldn't be so thick. Carol's book really value for money! 元宵节快乐!

  6. Sweetylicious, thanks for your compliment!

    Jean, thank you!元宵节快乐!

  7. Sonia, thanks for visiting! Your Kuih Lapis looks more tempting ^_^

    Min, initially I ordered the books from 金石堂, something went wrong and couldn't get the book then I ordered them from 博客来。

  8. looks so pretty and moist too!

  9. Very delicious looking cake....I like the cranberry fillings:D

  10. You should have heard me yell wow when i saw your roulade! This looks perfect! Soft, moist and full of flavor! Never made it before but I'll venture to make one now with your exquisite recipe! Hope to get the same wows like yours! Cheers!!!

  11. Lena, thank you!

    Jeannie, thanks! I love cranberries too, that's why I always have a pack of dried cranberries in my fridge :)

  12. Arthur, thanks for your compliment! Sorry that I'm lazy to do the translation on the steps for baking (My son always ask me to play when I'm near my computer ^_^) Hope I can do more on that for my future baking.

  13. QuayPoCooks, thanks! It was the first time I didn't break my roulade while rolling it up, hopefully can do the same in future :)

  14. Dear Ah,
    thank you very much for your message,
    especially becouse so I've discovered your FAB blog!
    Now I am following you too:)
    Have a nice sunday, Barbara


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