25 March 2011

Stone Ground Berry Rye Bread

This is my first attempt on stone ground bread, I used the healthy rye bread mix. I based the steps and recipe by using Carol's 天然孝母黑麦杂粮面包 with modifications because I don't have the natural yeast. End result of this project is ...burnt one of my right hand finger :(

1 tsp Instant dry yeast 
250g bread flour
50g rye bread mix
120ml cold water
1/4 tsp salt
3 tbsp olive oil
some berries

1. Add all the dry ingredients in a bowl except oil and berries. Knead the mixture until forming a smooth nonsticky dough. (Liquid part has to reserve 20-30ml, add in slowly)
2. Add in oil. Knead the dough with the standard kneading method, which is in an action of pushing the dough out. Knock the dough on the work surface until the dough is able to form elastic film.
3. Add in berries. Roll the dough into ball, spray water on the surface and cover it with damp cloth. Let it proof for 1 hour (about 2 times bigger)
4. Once proofing complete, use hands to press out air. Roll the dough into ball and cover it with cloth. Let it proof for 1 hour. (I don't have the round basket mould as stated in the recipe therefore I omitted the step)
5. Preheat oven to 210C. Place a cup of water into oven. Heat up the baking tray if you don't have the baking tiles.
6. Spray water on the bread dough and place it on the hot baking tray. (This is the part which burnt my finger :( My dough collasped when I moved it to the baking tray and I've to quicky took out for proofing again)
7. Place bread dough in oven at 210C for 15 mins, and reduce heat to 190C for 10-12 mins or until browning. Spray water on the dough a few times in between to get a crispy crust.


Place water in the oven and spray water on the bread about 3~4 times until the bread browning. See the ramekins...kekeke bought at Daiso for $2 each!

Crispy crust!

Texture is soft but not as soft as the usual bread that I made, I'm looking for a harder texture, still room to improve.

This is not a perfect stone ground bread but I love the crust and the chewy texture.

Imaging start a bright day chewing these rye bread with Balsamic vinegar, isn't it lovely?

I'm submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #5 : Fruity March (March 2011) hosted by Jess of Bakericious


  1. Healthy fruity bread, a perfect bake.

  2. hey! Nice bread! i love the look of it, so rustic...plus i love chewy and crusty bread too! Make me wanna bake some soon. =)

  3. That's a beautiful looking bread, with nice crust!

  4. oh dear, be careful ah tze! burnt my wrist half a year ago due to a similar experience as yours, and the scar is still there now. your bread looks lovely, especially love the crust!

  5. healthy and lovely bread! (: be careful next time okay! (:

  6. >>Umm, yes this is a healthy bread :)

    >>Coraine, welcome and thanks for your lovely comment! Do try out the recipe, waiting to see your beautiful creation!

    >>Jess, thank you!

    >>kitchen flavours, the bread taste good with the berries added.

    >>Jean, scar! wow, luckily mine was not as bad as yours. Redness and pain when touch but no bubbles so I think it will getting better in a week time. thanks dear!

    >>Jasmine, yes, I'll be more careful next time, first time baking the bread with preheat baking tray 手忙脚乱 :)

    >>鲸鱼,这面包呀风味十足 ^_^

  7. just fall in love with this bread...thanks for sharing the recipe

  8. I'm always excited when my favorite bakery has a special loaf with fruit added. But I know your homemade bread would be even better! It looks wonderful!

  9. I love chewy bread to dip in olive oil. Hope I can try this :)

  10. i bought ramekins from daiso too! comes in so many pretty colours don't they? :)

    what a rustic looking bread. and i love the size of your oven! if only mine's that big. :(

  11. I feel like to grab a few of slices for my breakfast! Well done!

  12. >>Olivia, thank you for dropping by!

    >>Lizzy, thanks for your compliment, can't forget the beautiful pink frosting you've made!

    >>Ann, I like the bread to go with olive vinegar oil too, try to make one you will be happy to see the end result ^_^

    >>travellingfoodies, yes, yes! I bought orange, dark brown and red! The white one was out of stock...
    p/s: big oven not always good one, needs more time to heat up and once open the oven it takes time to pick up the temperature, so smaller one will be more idea :)

    >>Angie, thank you! Haha, I'm thinking of your beautiful tea cake rolls ^_^



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