23 March 2011

Gabriel, Gabriel you are 3!

Let me present...Lightning McQueen Fondant chocolate cake from Cupcakedivinity! It is a very lovely cake, Dr. Mater and Lightning McQueen expression are super cute! The chocolate sponge is soft, moist and delicious!

Gabriel can't resist to put his hands on McQueen before his birthday party, luckily the figures are firmly stick to the cake surface.

Here he goes...with a cheeky expression!

Using my camera to shoot photos

Photo (1) taken by Gabriel, not bad for his age, right?

Photo (2) taken by Gabriel

Photo (3) taken by Gabriel

Photo (4) taken by Gabriel

Digging the cake with fork before the party

Happy Birthday, Gabriel!
May God pour forth his favour abundantly upon him and bless him with a bright future. May God watch over every steps he made and may everything he do will be blessed and everything that he set his hands upon will be fruitful and multiplied.  

Blew off the candle with a single blow

Insist to cut the cake by himself, he did it well!

Calssmates, everyone finished their cake except my Gabriel who was too indulge in eating the fondant Lightning McQueen and Dr. Mater...and the traffic light :(

Love you my darling!


  1. Happy blessed birthday to Gabriel~
    may the Lord bless ur family abundantly!

  2. 哇....好可爱温馨的派对喔,祝福你家孩子快高长大,生日快乐^^

  3. Happy Birthday, Gabriel! That's a beautiful cake! No wonder he is after the fondant! He sure is having fun with his classmates and he looks so happy. He is a cute little boy! Wishing him all the best things in life, God bless!

  4. bet you had a wonderful day celebrating gabriel's birthday, that's a very nic efamily photo and great shots by gabriel! can i ask how much do you pay for that fondant cake?

  5. >>Bernice, thank you for your well wishes! Same blessing to your family too :)


    >>kitchen flavours, thank you for your well wishes! God bless you too!

    >>Lena, he has professional post on holding the camera too, right? lol. the fondant cake is $200, not sure this is cheap or expensive because I asked another baker, she charges additional $10 per letter for the name & "happy birthday" which total cost will be a big $400!!

  6. hey ah tze,

    you're really good at this! love the bright colours of this cake. bet u spent a lot of effort into making this. Really well done!

  7. happy birthday to gabriel! Hope he would grow up to be a mummy-loving, daddy-loving and God-loving boy.

  8. Happy Birthday to your son :)! It's indeed a lovely cake :D).

  9. Happy Birthday Gabriel!! the cake looks gorgeous mummy must had spent quite alot!

  10. Happy belated Birthday to Gabriel !

  11. >>Bakertan, I didn't bake this cake, I ordered it from cupcakedivinity! Their cake is very lovely :)

    >>travellingfoodies, thank you!

    >>Cooking Gallery, haha, I don't know how to make fondant cake at this point of time, buying one is the only option ^_^

    >>Jess, yes, yes...$200! When we went to collect the cake, the baker looked at gabriel and said "现在的孩子真好命!"

    >>苏联,thank you :)


  12. The cake is so pretty... Gabriel looks like he has a lot of fun at his bday party! :)

  13. Hanushi, Gabriel was happy because papa and mama went to school with him :)

  14. Happy Birthday to Gabriel !
    Very beautiful cake ^_^

  15. neyeeloh, thank you! p/s:mama doesn't know how to make fondant cake, buy one more presentable...hehehe

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GABRIEL! great job (: and i guessed it right (: i can feel your mummy's love and effort being put in to the cake and make gabriel's day an unforgettable one (:


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