27 March 2011

Muah Chee (Microwaved Version)

My hubby loves Muah Chee because of the peanuts. When I saw Janine from Not The Kichen Sink made one with microwaved version, I quickly hopped over to read her post :) Janine's recipe is enough to serve only one, therefore I'm using the lovely recipe from Ju, The Little Teochew 

After microwaved for 7 mins, the texture is soft, sticky and gooey.

Recipe adapted from The Little Teochew

(A) Ingredients
250g glutinous rice flour
375ml water
2 tbsp shallot oil

Mix (A) in a covered Pyrex bowl and microwave on high for 7 mins. Cut into tiny pieces using a kitchen scissor and drop it into the peanuts and sugar mixture. Coat well and serve immediately.

Thank you Ju for the tips:The Little Teochew adviced to cut a big piece of the mixture out and plonk it into the peanut/sugar mixture, and then start cutting into small pieces. This way, as you cut and roll the little pieces around in the peanut mix, they don't stick to one another, or your scissors, anymore.

(B) Ingredients:
250g peanuts, toasted and ground finely
50g sugar (used 80g)
some fried sliced shallot

Mix (B) together to create peanuts and sugar mixture.

This is an easy and superfast cooking, if you have all the ingredients do try make one yourself! My hubby comments was "the muah chee texture is like the one selling outside!"


  1. honestly i wouldn't know if they are microwaved if you didn't say so...looks as good, if not even better than those commercially made!

  2. My husband likes muah chee too! I'm going to try this when I'm free.

  3. I love mochi or muah chi, whatever it's called I simply adore its sticky, gooey goodness :)!! Love the microwave method too, it's so simple :).

  4. This is my favorite with lotsa peanuts ;)

  5. Wow, what an intriguing dessert! This is what I love about visiting blogs from all across the world...the exposure to a dish I've never seen or heard of before! I'd love to have a sample...the combination of sugar and peanuts is always delicious~

  6. i really can eat this 3 times a day without the shallots! haha you done yours well ah tze!

  7. I personally like muah chee. Yours one looks delicious! I wish I have a microwave for this super fast muah chee recipe.

  8. I like muah chee ...thanks for sharing such a simple recipe! Muakssss

  9. Please check this out.



  10. This already in my to do list, but have yet to try out, i must quickly try list.

  11. 喜欢这种小吃,软软的,口感很棒^^

  12. Something different...yummy looking! :D

    Hi from love2cook, thanks for the visit ya ;)

  13. >>superstar racing, thanks for dropping by and follow my blog.

    >>Jean, unbelievable right? microwave can do this job!

    >>Ann, this is a superfast recipe, try it out!

    >>Cooking Gallery, this is nothing difficult, just let the microwave to do the job :)

    >>Cathy, peanuts your favourite, I see ^_^

    >>Lizzy, usually this dessert is done on a steamer, this version is an easy way :)

    >>Jess, oh, if we meet one day we might fight over muah chee...hahaha

    >>Vivian, you can use the steaming method.

    >>苏联, this one is a really fast and easy version :>

    >>Edith, thanks for the beautiful award, I appreciate it!

    >>Sonia, quick, quick, quick...kekekeke


    >>Love2Cook, welcome and thanks for following!

  14. 我是头一次看到用Microwaved版本的muah chee,很特别。。。:)

  15. Joelyn, 我也是第一次看到这版本,口感软软的,好吃!

  16. looking at your muah chee here, i think i better go and get some tomorrow form the stalls to stop my craving now!!

  17. I've done this too but still haven't post in my blog hahaha! My kids love muah chee but I try not to make this too often, peanuts, no good for digestion.

  18. >>Lena, haha...7 mins cooking time, will stop your craving right away :D

    >>Blessed Homemaker, yes, is not recommend for kids to eat too much of glutinous rice.

  19. This was my late mother's favorite and despite her dentures, never fail to eat them ! I always make this when I miss her :)

  20. The experimental cook, glad to know that this food can bring back the memories you had with your late mother.


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