16 March 2011

Orange Honey Bread

I love the taste of orange cake , it makes me dig into all my recipes to find a bread or cake that use orange as main ingredient and I found Carol 's Orange Honey Bread 鮮橙蜂蜜麵包. I'm using gelatinized dough or Tanzhong method 汤种法 again. First time not using sugar but natural honey in bread, the taste is divine! 

Dough ready for proofing. My bread shaping skill has improved, right? Hahaha...

Bread dough ready for oven, top with rolled oats, sesames and salted pistachios.

Recipe adapted from Carol

Gelatinized Dough Ingredients:
250ml milk
50g bread flour

1. In a bowl, add milk then stir in flour.
2. Bring batter to gas stove, on medium heat cook and stir until the batter thicken.
3. Leave the gas stove once the batter thicken, continue stir until swirling batter.
4. Once cool, the dough can be used directly, if saving in refrigerate has to use within 3 days.

A. Bread Dough Ingredients:
100g Gelatinized Dough
270g bread flour
30g plain flour
1/2 tsp instant dry yeast
1 egg
30g honey (used 50g)
1/8 tsp salt
1 tbsp orange jam (substituted with 1/2 grated orange zest)
150ml orange juice (warm juice)
30g butter

1. Place all ingredients A into a mixing bowl (except butter and grated orange zest), knead the mixture until forming a smooth nonsticky dough. (Liquid part has to reserve 20-30ml, add in slowly)
2. Add in butter. Knead the dough with the standard kneading method, which is in an action of pushing the dough out. Knock the dough on the work surface until the dough is able to form elastic film.
3. Add grated orange zest. Roll the dough into ball, spray water on the surface and cover it with damp cloth. Let it proof for 1 hour (about 2 times bigger)
4. Once proofing complete, use hands to press out air. Divide into six small doughs and form into ball, cover with damp cloth and let the dough rise for 15 mins.
5. Roll the dough into olive-shape dough, and roll it into long strip. Plait 3 strips together and place it onto greased pan. Let it proof for 60 mins.
6. Egg wash the surface, decorate as disire and bake at 180C for 35-38 mins.
7. Immediately turn out the bread from pan when it is done.

See the lovely topping and the brown crust! 

Divine bread texture which I always want my bread to be! Crispy crust with an ultra soft texture!

Excellent bread! The orange fragrance and the natural sweetness from the honey!

Want to try?

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