18 May 2014

Black Sesame Chiffon Cake 黑芝麻戚风蛋糕

Chiffon cake is the cake I love to bake regularly at home, it is a soft and fluffy simple cake, love the way it is with no icing or cake decoration. The best part of baking one still because I love to unmold the cake with bare hands.  

My Black Sesame Chiffon Cake doesn't turn out as black as the photo in the recipe book, it confirmed that Keiko is using the pure black sesame paste and mine is not the one. However, I used the fresh crushed black sesame powder, the chiffon cake is filled with black sesame aroma. Try to bake one, you will love it! 

I made a minor change in the method of making meringue, the corn flour was added to the egg yolks mixture instead like in the original recipe added to the meringue.  It is just because I think the meringue can be whisked better without flour in it.

Note: I will be sifting again, we didn't plan to do it this month, but an opportunity arise and my family think we have to do it before we leave for summer. I know I will be very busy packing up the whole house within a few days time, as the schedule moving date is close to end of this month. Please pardon me if I can not visit your blog to say thank you for supporting Little Thumbs Up as I should do. I will try to schedule the system to post my back log baking as there is still one or two related to milk theme. Thank you!




Recipe adapted from Okashi Sweet Treats Made with Love by Keiko Ishida with minor change
70g pastry flour, sift flour once
5 egg yolks
20g brown sugar
20g black sesame paste
60g water (used milk)
40g canola oil
20g black sesame seeds (used freshly crushed black sesame powder)
10g corn flour/rice flour

5 egg whites
90g caster sugar

1. Preheat oven to 160C. 
2. Combine egg yolks, brown sugar and black sesame paste in a bowl and mix well. Gradually add in the flour (pastry +corn flour+black sesame powder) in small batches. In the mean time alternately add milk and canola oil. Mix until the batter is sticky. (note, the batter should not be too stiff when stir with spatula)
3. Make meringue. Beat egg whites until foamy. Add sugar in 3 batches. Beat until the meringue is stiff peaks.
4. Add 1/3 of the meringue into egg yolk mixture, mix well. Then add the remaining meringue (in 2 batches), FOLD to incorporate completely before adding another batch of meringue.
5. Pour batter into ungreased chiffon cake tube pan. Bake for 45 mins. When done, remove the cake from oven and turn it upside down, leave it to cool.
6. Unmold from cake pan when the cake is completely cool. 

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  1. The cake looks really nice and delicious! Thumbs up :-) !

  2. 哇!再pack,又搬?真是 boleh!哈哈哈
    忙碌中还能把 小拇指 做得那么好。你好有本领哦。很棒。感恩有你的分享。

    chiffon cake也是我喜欢的。而且用来做装饰蛋糕体也是不错哦。简单,感觉也比较light和健康。

    1. Joceline, 谢谢你一直的支持小拇指。我七月份会回檳城如时间允许可安排和花花们见面?

  3. Chiffon is my top favourite cake. Cakes with frosting might look prettier, but plain chiffon are definitely the cake I like the most! This is one very beautiful chiffon.

  4. Wow,this cake rose so beautifully, love the aroma of sesame!

    1. yes, Cheah! Lovely aroma! Next time I should look for the pure black sesame paste!

  5. Hi Tze, baking pans in my kitchen are '有限公司' ... just few pieces and have yet to add chiffon tube pan. Your chiffon cake is so fluffy light and yummy.
    You take care while busy packing for the move.

    1. Thanks Karen! Chiffon pan is a "must have" item. Hahaha

  6. Beautifully baked, I love this kind of soft cakes too, less fattening:D Moving again? wow! you barely just settled down!

    1. ya, Jeannie! Not far away just move to the next compound :)

  7. Huh... move again? Sure tired after all those packing. PM me at fb if you need help :)
    Your chiffon cake looks soft and cottonly... LIKE!!

    1. yes Ann, to a place with bigger kitchen...think of that fill with energy now! Haha!

    2. Tze,这戚风烤得好美,喜欢

  8. 搬家快乐!!!我最近也在忙着packing

  9. Hi Tze,
    Moving can be quite tiring but I bet it is very excited to be in a new place, especially a new kitchen :p
    Hope you have a smooth moving :)
    You baked your chiffon so beautifully! Love how fluffy it is.
    I have never bake chiffon with black sesame seed and would like to try this out:)
    Between may I know what is the size of your chiffon mould?

    1. Doreen,new renting place to be more precise, in Qatar we foreigner can not buy their villa.
      I am using the 20cm chiffon pan. With this recipe, it doesn't shrink much compared to my previous few chiffon. The corn flour added work wonder!

  10. 很佩服你搬家的福气, 你一定忙透了!

  11. Beautiful chiffon cake. You are shifting again?! OMG...it will be a tired month for you! Good luck!

  12. Hi Tze,

    I have noticed that black sesame is your fav ingredients for your baking and cooking recently. I like your black sesame seed chiffon cake. Very Asian! Very nice!

    No worries about LTU. Doreen and I will try our best to help :D


  13. 新的开始,未尝不是件好事。。。

  14. Tze, I baked black sesame chiffon cake b4 but also "white white d," I used black sesame powder so I wasn't happy with the colour but I like the taste. Your chiffon cake looked very yummy!

    1. Jessie, the chiffon cake is with black sesame paste and freshly crushed black sesame powder.

      The cake doesn't as black as the recipe book is because in the market that is a type of Japanese black sesame paste which is pure without sugar. The black sesame paste which I used normally is for bao or bun filling, it contains sugar and others ingredient.

  15. Hum, I really need to start baking this... It kept going down my to bake list... I love your immaculate unmoulding skills

  16. 新的环境,新的开始,祝福你一切顺利!


  17. Lovely chiffon cake, Tze! I was thinking of baking one soon, have not eaten one in ages!
    All the best in your move!

  18. This looks amazing!! I love chiffon and yours is tall and gorgeous :)

  19. Hi Tze, I love chiffon cake.

    Recently I stucked with meringue badly. The meringue broken and got runny the last few times I baked which I hardly encountered. Some kitchen taboo going on? Hmmm...i need a break.ahaha

  20. Beautiful bake! must be full of sesame aroma...

  21. Beautiful
    I must try to bake chiffon cake one day. Bought the mould on my recent trip to Msia and its collecting dust in my cupboard :P
    Good luck with the move Tze


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