13 May 2014

Cream Horn Bread 可可螺旋卷

Today make the cream horn bread for my son, this is one of his favourite breads. After placing this bread into the oven, I told my part time helper I have to go out for a while and will come back soon, I went out for 20 mins, come back to find my part time helper already gone! The air condition in my kitchen was on and my bread was still sitting in the oven after its baking time! Just 5 mins over baked, dash to save the bread!    

I'm linking this post to Little Thumbs Up (May 2014: Milk) hosted by Tze of Awayofmind Bakery House(Me ^.^) 


卡达尔没得买的可可螺旋卷, 我儿子爱吃的! 

Recipe from 孟老师的100道面包 with minor change in method
(yield 6)

A. Ingredients:
100g bread flour
50g plain flour
20g super fine sugar
1/8 tsp salt
2g dried instant yeast
20g egg
80g milk

B. 10g unsalted butter

C. Chocolate custard cream
150g milk
45g super fine sugar
1 egg yolk
15g plain flour
10g corn flour
10g unsalted butter
2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder 

1. Place A ingredients into the electric mixing bowl, mix until the dough is smooth.
2. Add butter and use low speed to mix the butter into the dough. Then use the medium/high speed to mix the bread dough until it form the elastic film. 
3. Cover the dough and let it proof for 60 mins. (Depends on the surrounding temperature)
4. Make chocolate custard cream: in a small saucepan, add milk, sugar and egg yolk together and whisk well. Add plain flour and corn flour, place the saucepan under the low heat and whisk until it thicken. Add unsalted butter, and cocoa powder, stir quickly. (I added the cocoa powder the same time as plain and corn flour, so that the cocoa powder can mix better) Remove from heat and cover with a wrapping cling. The wrapping cling has to touch and cover the custard cream. Set aside in fridge.
5. Take the bread dough, punch down the air, divide the dough into 6 dough balls. Cover with wrapping cling and let it rest for 10 mins.
6. Shape the dough, and wrap the dough onto the horn bread mould. Place the dough on a baking tray, cover. Let it proof for 25 mins.
7. Egg wash the bread dough, bake in the preheat oven at 190C for 15 mins. (May varies, as it depends on the oven capacity)
8. Cool the bread completely before pipe in the chocolate custard cream.  

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  1. oh gosh!!! so glad everything was ok in the house! when i read your post, i was like OMG! i had a bad experience with baking in the kitchen before but was a good thing i was in the house... the browning is still very nice on your bread though

  2. Boss already left, of course must cabut lah, hahaha! Like the cream sauce very much, I think if my son sees this he will ask me to make for him.

  3. These bread horns look so beautiful and delicious!

  4. Hi Tze, yummy "horny" cream horn bread. I remembered tasted something similar but it's pastry puff kind (instead of bread) with some icing sugar dust on it ... too sweet for me. I need to find some time to learn making bread.

  5. I also think your bread is very nicely browned... luckily it didnt burnt or else "kek sim" right?

  6. I liked this custard cream too and have bookmarked this. Tks for sharing.

  7. Hi Tze, I baked these horn bread several times and use tuna mayo and ice cream as fillings. I would love to try this custard cream filling next. Thanks for sharing and reminding.

  8. 我都不晓得什么时候我才要‘旋转’。哈哈哈 。。

  9. Hello Tze, I'm new here, but I'm sure I'll be coming back for your marvellous recipes. I read this post several times ... I just have to make some of these horn breads, they look exquisite! Thank you for sharing :)

  10. Hi Tze,
    I have yet to try baking cream horn bread. Yours looks really nice, no wonder it is one of your son's favourite buns. Luckily you managed to save it from being really overbaked! Phew!! :)
    Thanks for linking!

  11. Lovely & yummy! Thanks for sharing this recipe. ;)


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