20 March 2014

Singing Sand Dunes, Qatar

Last month, I visited Singing Sand Dunes with my family, yes, it was really a busy month until I have no time to try on the new recipes which I planned to bake. Or may be my priority has changed?

I have been here for nearly three months and I think is time to tell you more the place where I stay. Singing Dunes is not far away, just about 30 mins driving from the place where I stay. 

First time, experience the desert, purely sand and dust. We were there in the morning, no other visitors were there. Oh, yes there is wind and when the wind is strong enough it created the roar like the jet fighter flying across your head this is why its name is Singing Dunes. The sand is really soft. In this place it is so quiet that you can only hear the wind. 

My son is still young, he doesn't know the different between sand pit and the real desert. He thought this is a big sand pit! And for me, I suddenly think of a late famous author, she wrote a book around 1990 on "Crying Camel in the Desert" that still touch my heart until today.



  1. Beautiful photos Tze, I can imagine the heat from the sun! But the place looks gorgeous! Your son seems to have adjust well with his new environment:)

  2. Hi Tze, 10 out of 10 kids love sandpit and your son is so cute! So those tents are set up there permanently for the visitors, is it? I had only been to sand dune once in Port Stephens, which is famous for dolphin watching.

  3. wow, that's very nice insight to the place you reside!

  4. 我也是想到三毛,哭泣的骆驼我哭了好多回

  5. Hi Tze, this place looks gorgeous. Hope you have adjusted to the new place by now.


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