12 March 2014

Ham Chim Peng (Salty Dough Fritters 咸煎饼)

The weather here is getting hotter everyday, for the past two weeks I was so busy running around until no time to make a proper meal. Think of summer not yet arrive the heat already burning my skin, make me sweat!! I took sometimes to replant some of my vegetables, however the cucumber and white radish seems not able to withstand the heat, after replant, they died >.< But the tomato looks like going to survive, it bears so many little tomatoes and I wish I can see the pinkish coming before summer! 

Today sharing the Ham Chim Peng (Salty Dough Fritters), it is a snack I used to eat when I was small. It was my supper, that time we didn't have McDonald or KFC. The Ham Chim Peng is one of the famous Penang Hawker Food, the famous one is in Cintra Street, George Town, Penang. It has been there since I was young and now it is still there. My father always bought the Ham Chim Peng, Yau Char Kuai and Peanut soup for supper, that time we didn't know that the stall is so far away from our home. He has to drive to town, it needs at least 30 mins driving. 

Ham Chim Peng is usually with two flavours, plain salty Ham Chim Peng or with red bean filling, which is sweet Ham Chim Peng. I love both of them. It has been years since I last had my Penang Ham Chim Peng. Today finally eating the homemade plain salty Ham Chim Peng, I love the soft bouncy texture, the starter dough method really easy and yield better product. If you love stronger taste like me, do add more fermented bean curd and five-spice in the dough, the taste is indeed comforting! I wish I have a bowl of peanut soup beside me :) 

Note (23 Mar 2015) Please see my latest recipe on Ham Chim Peng (Chinese Five Spice Doughnuts) Here.

See the Fermented Bean Curd? We can't get it in Qatar, I brought it from Melbourne.

See the texture after I bite on it, is soft!

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Recipe adapted from Hot Favourites Kuehs and Pastried Cook Book with changes
Ingredients For Starter: 
150g plain flour (sifted)
100ml water
1 tsp yeast  

Ingredients For Dough:
150g bread flour (sifted)
150g plain flour (sifted)
60g sugar
10g Fermented bean curd (mashed) (I used 25g, about two pieces)
160ml water
1 tsp yeast
1 tsp five spiced powder (I used 1 tbsp + another 1 tsp when rolling up)
1/4 tsp baking soda (omitted)
1/2 cup white sesame seeds
2 tsps oil
1/4 tsp salt (I added it because prefer it to be more salty)

1. Mix all ingredients in the starter together, knead well. Cover and let it rest for about 8 hours, I let it sit in the fridge overnight.
2. Take 150g of the starter, and add it to bread flour, plain flour, sugar, fermented bean curd, yeast, five spiced powder and gradually add water. Knead well to form a smooth dough. Add oil and continue to knead. (I used my KitchenAid to do the job) Cover the dough with cloth and let it rest for 30 mins.
3. Roll the dough out into a large rectangular shape. Brush with a little oil on the surface and sprinkle with another 1 tsp of five spiced powder. Roll it up to form a cylinder. Cut into 2cm thick sections.
4. Brush the surface with a bit of water, and coat with sesame seeds on the dough. Set aside for about 20 mins, then roll out each dough into thin circle. Deep fry in preheat oil till it turns golden brown. Serve warm.

Note: The deep frying oil has to be high enough or else dough fritters may not expand enough.