24 March 2014

Fondant Race Cars Cake

Gabriel, Gabriel you are 6th! 

This year my son asked for race cars cake, I took up the challenge to make him a two-tiers fondant race cars cake. Thanks to a friend of mine who is very experience in making fondant cake, as I have the chance to work with her on the fondant element for the church women's retreat I get to learn more on how to use the mould to create very pretty stuff! I have more confidant in using the fondant tools and decided to invest a bit on it. I am so thankful for my friend tip on how to stack up the two tiers cake, I stacked up four cakes into two tiers! initially it is a mission impossible for me, I nearly gave up...but luckily I made it!

This is yet a perfect fondant cake, as you can see I am not able to smooth the side of the fondant cake. I'm not sure is it because the roll fondant I made was too thick? I'm satisfy with the little gum paste cars I made and the number six which cut out using the number cookies cutter looks perfect. But the day before the birthday celebration, the cake shown sign of collapse, need to figure out how to resolve this issue in future fondant making!!

Gabriel and his friends were so happy with the fondant race cars cake, not just that Gabriel was so happy on the birthday celebration day, you see he was surrounded by his best friends and he laughed a lots! 

Love you, my son! you are the star in my life, you bring so much joy and comfort to me in your own way. I love your easy forgiven heart that always forgive me when I am so strict to you. You always comfort me with your kind and loving words that cheer up my days, may God blessing always be with you, watch and protect every steps you make in your life. Happy Birthday Gabriel!


  1. 蛋糕做得好漂亮,你的心思和时间花了都很值得咧,好棒好棒哦!
    也祝福Gabriel: 生日快乐, 身体健康, 天天开心 ^o^

  2. Happy Birthday, Gabriel!

    Tze, you have baked this birthday cake very well. I can see that Gabriel was very happy with this special day.


  3. Hi Tze, the cake look so lovely. Am sure your boy will like it very much. Happy Birthday Gabriel.

  4. Tze, your fondant birthday cake looks so cute and beautiful,
    Happy birthday to Gabriel!!!!!

  5. oh my! this is a lot of work! i thought you deliberately meant for the fondant to be like skirtings on the side of the cake. the children must be amazed

  6. 好可爱的小车车 :)

  7. This is a great cake and I'm sure a lot of effort need to make such beautiful fondant cake. Those fondant race cars look very cute! Happy birthday to Gabriel!

  8. Happy birthday to your Gabriel, I can see how happy he is! You obviously are a very good mother to him:) Love the cake, it looks really well made, those cars are so cute!

  9. Happy Birthday to Gabriel. Just adore your fondant cake. Love those little cars.

  10. 你的孩子真幸福:)



  11. Happy belated Birthday to Gabriel.
    Your fondant cake looks very impressive indeed! Nice JOB!!!


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