31 March 2014

Five Thousand Dollar Starter Dough: Dinner Rolls

Today I make bread using the Five Thousand Dollar Starter Dough again! yes, the previous baking was finished within two days. Initially I want to play with shaping my bread but ... who know this morning was so eventful that I have to change my plan and made this simple shaping dinner rolls with the five thousand dollar starter dough. Anyway, I still feel happy when I see the end result of the bread texture.

I'm using my previous recipe with the only change of water to milk as this time I got milk in my fridge. The bread is super soft and my son ate them without applying any filling.

Note: On my previous post, someone ask me about whether my KitchenAid moved a lot while mixing the bread dough at speed 4. Today, while making my bread I paid so much attention on my KitchenAid to see whether my mixer got that problem or not and then I tried to mix the bread using speed 1 and 2 as well. My finding is if you compared the speed 4 movement with speed 2, of course there is big different. The head of my KitchenAid  does moved at speed 4 but not the base of the machine. I want to state also this is my personal observation and the KitchenAid has served me well for the past two years. I have not use other brand of mixer and not sure is this common issue in others type of mixer?   

Note on 7 Apr: I would like to cut down the yeast content in main bread dough for future bread making. Or may be using 4g in the starter dough and 3g of yeast in the main dough should be more than sufficient. 

Ingredients for starter dough:
210g bread flour
90g cake flour
25g sugar
6g dry instant yeast
240ml warm water


1. Mix all ingredients together and no need to knead the dough, cover and leave overnight in the fridge.

Ingredients for bread dough:
250g + 50g bread flour (may need some more if the dough is too sticky, this depends on the flour you use)
55g sugar
1 egg
30g milk powder
7g dry instant yeast 
30g unsalted butter
20ml milk
pinch of salt
starter dough prepared above

1. Place ingredients for bread dough (except the butter and the 50g bread flour which you need to slowly add in) in the KitcheAid mixer, mix at low speed (speed 1 then 2) until the dough come together. 

2. Switch the KitchenAid mixer to medium speed (speed 4, you can use speed 2 but need to mix longer), mix until the dough no longer stick to the wall of mixer, add in the butter. Switch the KitchenAid mixer to low speed again and mix for 1 mins, before switch it to medium speed again. Check the dough with your hand, if the dough is very sticky, add some bread flour. The bread dough is ready if it is able to pull to form elastic film.

3. Take out the bread dough and cover, let it proof until it double its size. About 45 mins. (depends on your surrounding temperature)

4. Punch down the dough, divide the dough into 16 portions. Let the dough rest for 15 mins.

5. Flatten the dough and roll up swiss roll style twice. Let it proof to double it size and apply egg wash and sprinkle with sesame seeds. 

6. Bake at preheat oven at 180C for 20~25 mins. 


  1. Hi Tze, Thanks for sharing this recipe again. I already bookmarked and going to try it out for sure.
    Your dinner rolls look so pretty with that golden colour! So pretty!!

    1. Thank you Ann! Looking forward to see your beautiful creation!

  2. Tze, next time I think I will use milk instead.

  3. Wow, I have never tried this method of using a starter dough. Thanks for sharing and have bookmarked this :)
    Your dinner rolls look so good with the gloss shine :)

  4. It sounds very tasty! Have to try someday!

  5. These dinner rolls look fabulous, Tze.

  6. ok,我拿我的微波来交换:)

  7. Love the golden brown top of these breads... gorgeous!

  8. Nice shots and the buns look yummy too :)

  9. Hi Tze,

    These bread rolls look wonderful. I love to give this five thousand dollar recipes a try :D

    Someone did asked me about using kitchenaid to knead bread. To be on the safe side, I use only speed 1 and 2 for kneading but prefer to use breadmaker to knead bread dough most of the time.


  10. hi tze, i read about this 'expensive' recipe too not too long ago and like zoe too very keen to try..one day yaa. I do use speed 4 on my KA too, well it moved a bit but not to that extreme that it shakes up so much that it's going to fall..and use that interchangebly with speed 2..i even go to speed 6 at times! LOL !

    1. Hi Lena, I work my machine exactly like you do! LOL!! I just care about the dough inside the mixing bowl!! >o<

  11. Rollos hermosos y ricos me impresiona su textura,tomo nota,abrazos

  12. Hi Tze,
    Saw a few blogger friends made this wonderful 'expensive' bread. I am keen to try too.
    I use my KA to knead bread dough too. I too, do use speed 4 :p

  13. Hi Tze
    I just found your blog and are falling in love with all the recipes that you have shared.
    I would like to know what model of kitchenaid mixer are you using, I have a classic and not sure if it can be used to knead so much flour.

    1. hi sorry for the late reply as i'm still on summer holidays and didn't cgeck my blog.

      i'm using Artisan series 5 quart tilt head stand mixer.


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