27 March 2014

Five Thousand Dollar Starter Dough Bread: Parmesan Cheese and Cinnamon Rolls (五千块老式酵头面包)

I saw this 5 thousand dollar starter dough bread recipe on Cuisine Paradise site, I was so eager to try on this starter dough because it is not only using bread flour but cake flour as well. I'm curious to know how it turn out because the starter dough used is a non-knead dough, very simple and easy. Why it is called 5 thousand dollar starter dough bread? Some people said because a chef paid that five thousand dollars to find this recipe. I'm not sure whether this is true. 

Since my family will be going on a day trip tomorrow and Gabriel still not well to take any BBQ or grilling food, I decided to make him some soft bread using this 5 thousand dollar starter dough and adjusted the ingredients for the bread dough ingredients myself using my old recipe to make him this soft lovely Parmesan Bread and Cinnamon Rolls. Anyway, I didn't follow exactly how they make the starter dough, I mixed the starter dough ingredients together and just let it proof in the fridge overnight to save up the time. The texture of the bread is really soft, if you ask me is there any different if you use overnight starter dough, I will say, I can't find any different in it. May be I should do a proper comparison one day to tell the different. 

I'm very happy and excited to see the bread texture, how about you? 

Note on 7 Apr: I would like to cut down the yeast content in the main bread dough for future baking. Or may be using 4g in the starter dough and 3g in the main bread dough should be more than sufficient. 

Ingredients for starter dough:
210g bread flour
90g cake flour
25g sugar
6g dry instant yeast
240ml warm water

1. Mix all ingredients together and no need to knead the dough, cover and leave overnight in the fridge.

Ingredients for bread dough:
250g + 50g bread flour (may need some more if the dough is too sticky, this depends on the flour you use)
55g sugar
1 egg
30g milk powder
7g dry instant yeast
30g unsalted butter
20ml warm water
pinch of salt
starter dough prepared above

Parmesan Cheese Bread:
50g of Parmesan cheese powder
100g of Mozzarella cheese
some sugar for sprinkle

Cinnamon Rolls:
3 tbsp brown sugar
3 tbsp cinnamon sugar
Egg wash: 1 egg +1 tbsp water

1. Place ingredients for bread dough (except the butter and the 50g bread flour which you need to slowly add in) in the KitcheAid mixer, mix at low speed (speed 2) until the dough come together. 

2. Switch the KitchenAid mixer to medium speed (speed 4), mix until the dough no longer stick to the wall of mixer, add in the butter. Switch the KitchenAid mixer to low speed again and mix for 1 mins, before switch it to medium speed again. Check the dough with your hand, if the dough is very sticky, add some bread flour. The bread dough is ready if it is able to pull to form elastic film.

3. Take out the bread dough and cover, let it proof until it double its size. About 45 mins. (depends on your surrounding temperature)

4. Punch down the dough, divide into the portions you wish, for me I divided the dough into 2/3 for making Parmesan cheese bread and 1/3 for making cinnamon rolls.

5. For Parmesan cheese bread dough: divide into six dough balls, flatten the dough and roll it up swiss roll style twice. Arrange the dough in line baking tray. Let it proof for second time until it double it size, about 20 mins. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese powder and mozzarella cheese. Bake in preheat oven at 180C for 25~30 mins. Take out and sprinkle with sugar immediately.

6. For Cinnamon Rolls dough: flatten the dough into a square, apply the dough with a bit of water, sprinkle the brown sugar and cinnamon sugar on it. Spread out evenly. Roll the dough up swiss roll style. Seal the edge and cut into desire portion, arrange the dough in line baking tin. Let it proof for second time until it double it size, about 20 mins. Apply egg wash, bake in preheat oven at 180C for 25-30 mins. 

                  5 thousand dollar starter dough, after proofing overnight in fridge


  1. Hi Tze, I saw many FB friends and bloggers made this recipe. Your 5K bread looks so good making my hand itchy too! :D

  2. I bake this several times, in loaf and buns. Believe it or not the 'super fluffy' texture only shown with the 'flower' shaping.

  3. Hi. Does your kitchen aid stand mixer moves a lot when kneading the dough at speed 4? Cos I was told that kneading dough with a kitchen aid is only at speed 1 at most speed 2. Thanks!

    1. Hi, I am using KitchenAid for more than two years, most of the time I used it for bread mixing, so far so good. No problem with speed 4.

  4. I have heard so much about this bread but have yet tried it out myself. And thank you for the introduction cause I was wondering why it is called a 5 thousand dollar bread ! :o) Everyone knows I'm a bread lover and how could I miss this out.
    Have a great weekend.
    Blessings, Kristy

  5. Bread made with starter tastes fantastic!

  6. In that case, I will bring it back to the shop for fixing. Thanks!

  7. That looks like a really great loaf.... recently I have also read quite a few recipes about this 5K bread!

  8. Looks like this is another recipe that is worth trying out, your breads turned out looking so good!

  9. Sorry for late visit. I hope that your son is recovered by now. I have just heard of this 5-thousand-dollar bread recently, yes, looks very soft indeed.

  10. Don't you think that the instant yeast are a little too much for a overnight dough.

    1. hi, the starter dough recipe is original from five thousand dollar starter dough recipe. if you find the instant yeast too much for your taste you are always welcome to reduce it. :)


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