14 June 2012

Nasi Lemak with Sambal (Coconut Rice with Chili)

There are days when I'm not keen in cooking and looking for a simple food, Nasi Lemak can be a breeze if you have store bought Nasi Lemak Sambal Chili in the fridge. I place the rice, coconut milk and salt into the rice cooker as Gabriel and WT loves soft rice.
Just fry some raw peanuts in hot wok without oil for a few mins. Take out the peanuts, add oil and fried the anchovies, drain the oil and add 1 tbsp sugar to the anchovies, stir fry a bit to mix well, that's it! Oh yes, sliced some cucumbers on the plate will add vegetables to this dish. It is always refereshing to have the crunchy cucumber to go with this dish. Don't like frying the egg? then go for hard boiled egg! 

Recipe from Ah Tze's kitchen play

Ingredients for coconut rice:
2 cups of white rice
200ml coconut milk
1 tsp salt
2 knots of screwpine leaves (pandan leaves)

1. Wash and drain rice. Place rice into rice cooker.
2. Pour in coconut milk and add salt.
3. Water has to be enough to cover the rice and 1 inch above the rice. 
4. Wash screwpine leaves and tie a knot, place it into rice cooker.
5. It will take about 30~45 mins to cook, this depends on your own rice cooker. 


  1. The nasi lemak looks good !! I am hungry for some now !!

  2. I love nasi lemak,tapao one packet for dinner can or not?

  3. Aiyah, I can't stand anymore, can I also order some take away? Yum yum nasi lemak. There is a Malaysian restaurant which we usually go & we know the boss well. He is from Penang too. 1 order of HIS nasi lemak is selling like aud$11(RM33). Restaurant price. We paid ridiculous price for some famous street food in Sydney! Another famous Malaysian restaurant sells a wide varieties of roti canai & the plain one is like aud$6(RM18). So, can you tell me how many pieces of roti canai can I get for RM18?


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