18 June 2012

Jelly Hearts Cheesecake

Made the Jelly Hearts using the recipe published on The Sunday Times. My baking mould is bigger, I used 2x the ingredients, but the cream cheese layer seems too soft, in future I should add more gelatin powder to it.

Recipe from The Sunday Times:

9 McVitie's Original Digestive biscuits, crushed
70g butter, melted
250g cream cheese, room temperature
295g condensed milk
1 lemon juice
2 tsp gelatin
50ml hot water
1 punnet of strawberries
One 90g box of Tortally raspberry flavoured jelly crystals

1. Crush the biscuits and mix in the melted butter in a bowl.
2. Pour the biscuit mixture into a square baking tin. Compact the biscuit mixture.
3. Chill in the fridge for at least 1 hour.
4. Beat the cream cheese until smooth using a whisk. Add condensed milk and lemon juice. Continue to mix.
5. Dissolve the gelatin in the hot water. strain it if there are insoluble granules. Add to cream cheese mixture and mix well.
6. Pour cream cheese mixture into the tine and spread evenly.
7. Bisect the strawberries, then cut out the stalk.
8. Starting in the centre, place the heart shaped strawberries on top of the cream cheese mixture in a symmetrical fashion. Gently push them into the mixture, just deep enough to ensure that they will not slide.
9. Leave to set in the fridge overnight.
10. Follow the instructions on the jelly crystals box to make the jelly solution. Let it cool to room temperature.
11. Pour jelly solution over the cheesecake so that it covers the strawberries. Place the baking tin back to the fridge until the jelly set.


  1. 晶莹剔透

  2. Very tempting! I'm eying on the piece of strawberry inside the jelly :)

  3. The colour combination is great!

  4. That looks delicious! I love no bake cheesecake but find it tricky to make, I have problem with the gelatin addition too!

  5. Looks very beautiful ! Love the jelly hearts !

  6. Pretty! What's the size of baking tin used?

    1. is 20x20 square tin. try it out, my boy and hubby gave thumb up for it :)

    2. the cream cheese used was 500g. condensed milk used 1.5x will do if you don't want it to be too sweet.

  7. I've stopped at your 1st photo & couldn't take my eyes away. Very yummy cake, definitely is my fav type. Mark it down first! So, can tell me the size of this cake that you baked?

    1. Jessie, is a 20x20 square tin. i served this after dinner to my boy and hubby, it is delicious that they still have the stomach to swallow half of it!

  8. 我常在朋友家见到你,就是不曾打招呼,今天特地拜访。。。原来也是一位烘培高手。

    1. 高手就不敢担,谢谢你来我家走走, 蛋糕请你吃 :)

  9. i really like the last picture of that piece of cake, it's so tempting!

  10. You have very awesome photos of food here. I am very inspired by every of your posts !

  11. Ah Tze, 2 more questions in regard of your Jelly Hearts Cheesecake, do you need to line the baking tin with paper? Base + sides? Or just the base? And my 2nd question is how do you remove the cake? Sorry, I never use a square tin to bake a cake b4 & have been scratching my head as to how to remove it? In the past, I always use springform pan, easy!


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