31 December 2010

Cameron Highlands: Family Outing

Beautiful "Boh" tea plantation.

I would like to end this year posting with my Cameron Highlands family outing. It was a happy event, a family gathering and lot of new experiences. I've been to Cameron Highlands for a few times but this was the first time visiting the tea plantation and hand-on plucking the strawberries...and home-stay in a farm. It was refreshing to wake up and saw the fresh vegetables just outside your room.

"Boh" tea plantation is sitting deep inside the mountain, we have to drive for 15 mins from the main road to reach the tea plantation. It was a very narrow one lane road, when faced with the opposites cars, either one side have to stop and give way. Initially, we thought we had lost the way, but the road ended with this beautiful eyes catching greenery.

There is a restaurant protruding from the edge of the hill overseeing the tea plantation, my heart dances because my soul breathe the fresh air which is full of life. 

My brother introduced us to this simple cafe: The Lord Cafe at Tanah Rata. I love its ambience, urban simple setting, food is cheap and good too. It was like having high-tea at a friend place, warm and cosy.

A good harvest of red strawberries, no doubt it was not big strawberries but was a good experience for my son. He enjoyed the plucking process very much. He didn't put the freshly plucked strawberry straight into his mouth, I think he learned it from the Agent OSO cartoon :) He went for second round of strawberries plucking with his father in a farm which not cater for tourists, they brought back really big and sweet strawberries.

All sort of cactuses

First granny sacks used for collecting tea leaves

My son refused to let stranger took his photo.

Hot chocolate with cream

Apple pie with ice-cream

Banana Cake with cream

Cranberry sauce scone with cream

Wishing you a Happy 2011!


  1. Wishing you and your family a great year in 2011. Happy New year!

  2. Smallsmallbaker: wishing you and family a great 2011 too! All the best!

  3. happy 2011 ah tze! wonderful scenery and of course the food! yummy!!

  4. Happy New Year, Ah Tze! I miss Cameron so much, I love the fresh air and environment there.

  5. Jess: Thanks for dropping by! Happy New Year to you too!

    Min: same for me too! Have a great year in 2011!

  6. What a beautiful place! It refreshes me just looking at the marvelous photos! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!
    May the following year bring you and your family prosperity and good health!!!

  7. Arthur: The photos were taken in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. It is well known for its tea plantation.
    May year 2011 brings you and your family leaps and bounces of prosperity and good health too!


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