21 November 2013

Snowflake Almond Cookies

In another few weeks time, I'll start another chapter of my life. When I think about this, I gives thanks to God, thank Him for giving me so many chances to start anew again. I can't pen down how I feel in words, it is really full of anticipation, no doubt every times I'm not so willing, but every times it end up I don't want to leave the place He brought me into. How glorious are Your ways, how awesome are Your works. I pray that we will learn to trust in Your Word for each decision we make, will know beyond a doubt that Your ways are the best, will be assured that our obedience to You means living without regrets. Give thanks to the Holy one!

This is indeed a beautiful bake! Not just because of the cookies is in snowflakes, but a bake I sense the present of Jesus, a season to love and forgive. An early Merry Christmas to everyone!

As my kitchen is just left with a few ingredients for baking, this cookies is just with ground almond, plain flour, butter, sugar and milk. Finally used up the remaining 250g ground almond and 200g unsalted butter, another mission completed with no messy worktop! ^-^

This is the Kitchen Rules which I hang in my kitchen:
No complaining 
No Substitutions
No Late Arrivals
No Special Orders
Anyone breaking these rules, will be loved and forgiven in the usual manner

250g ground almond
400g plain flour
90g fine sugar
200g unsalted butter, cold, cut into small cubes
5 tbsp fresh milk

1. In a bowl, place the sieve plain flour, sugar and ground almond. Add the butter cubes, rub the flour together with butter using fingers until the mixture is fine.
2. Add the milk into the flour mixture, mix well. Knead the mixture into a dough.
3. Flatten the dough between two pieces of wrapping cling into thin layer, cut out the shapes using your cookies cutter. Place them on baking tray with baking paper.
4. Bake at 170C for 15-20 mins or until golden brown.


  1. Hi Tze, I can feel the love when reading this blog! Best of luck to you & your boy for a new start in far far away! Hopefully when you go back to Melbourne, we can meet up one day! I like your snow flake cookies. This morning took my girl to the library & took so many shots of Donna Hay's latest issue, hahaha, all about Christmas theme.

  2. These are really lovely cookies
    The only "problem" is that once you start eating them you cannot stop :)

  3. tze, 祝福你,生活愉快。一切安康。

    1. Joceline, 同样的祝福你,生活顺心顺意,加油!

  4. These looks really pretty, perfect for Christmas indeed!

  5. An early Merry Christmas n a very Happy New Year !

  6. Woooo....I love your cookies shape, so pretty and very X'mas feel :)

    1. Hi Esther, I love the cookie cutter too! It is 1/3 of our palm size, just the right size ya!

  7. Best of luck, Tze. I know God is always by your side :)

    1. Ann, God doesn't choose side, He love everyone! Best of best for you Ann!

  8. What beautiful cookies! God bless you in the journey ahead!

    1. Mich, sorry that couldn't visit so often recently! God bless you too!


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