20 November 2013

Fish Head Soup 鱼头米粉的...汤 \(^0^)/

I love to eat Fish Head Soup with rice vermicelli, luckily my son also love it so I can cook it at home too. I enjoyed a good non-oily soup broth and love that distinctive bit of salty~sour sweet flavour which come from tomatoes and salted vegetable. 

This dish is very simple and easy to make, can complete in 3 steps, the rule for a nice bowl of fish broth is: fried your fish properly so the broth will be white and not fishy smell. The original recipe is using the 天麻 which is a kind of expensive Chinese herb which I don't have, so I omitted it and added the salty vegetable and tomatoes. Oh yes, no evaporated milk added to the broth, please! 

Huh... in this post I didn't add the rice vermicelli as it is not time for lunch and I have the perception that just drink soup and not eating the noodle can cut down my belly too ^0* 

Do you know the name for this fish? 
It got a big fish head...no prize for the winner ^0^
Mr. and Mrs. Fish, don't look at me this way, I'm going to cook you!

Recipe adapted from The mini cookbook 进补汤煲 with changes
2 big fish heads (1 kg)
5g wolfberry 
300g carrot (white or orange also can) ~about 2 big carrots, cut into thick slices
1 inch ginger, thinly sliced
1 stalk spring onion, cut into short length 
2 big tomatoes, cut into quarter
150g salted vegetable, cut into thin slices 
cooking oil to fry the fish head
4 litre of water

1/2 tbsp salt (to taste)
a dash of pepper
100ml shao xin jiu (or cooking wine)


1. Wash and cut the fish head into big chunk (not too small). Wash the wolfberry. Cut the carrot into thick slices. Slice the ginger into thin.
2. Heat the deep soup pot with some cooking oil (~400ml), deep fry the fish head until it is cooked or the fish skin turns golden brown. Take the fish head out from pot. Pour the oil out from the soup pot (This is important to ensure the broth is not oily) and left with a bit of oil just enough to fry the ginger, fry the sliced ginger for 2 mins. 
3. Pour in the water, add the fried fish heads, carrot, salted vegetable, wolfberry, tomatoes, spring onion and cooking wine. When the water is boiling, turn the heat to medium low continue simmer it for another 40 mins. Add the salt and pepper to taste.