05 April 2012

Easter Eggs and Brownies

This is a special request from Gabriel's teacher. They are having a Easter Party at school and one of the game is Easter Hunt, where the decorated hard boiled eggs are hidden for the kids to search indoor and outdoor. I think may be teachers are going to tell them the eggs were left there by Easter Bunny too :)

I have not make any Easter eggs before, I search how to decorate the eggs online and actually Martha Stewart's Lace Eggs attracts most of my attention. Unfortunately, I don't have the beautiful lace in hands and have to shelve the idea :) Anyway, Gabriel has a good time helping me dyed the eggs and he was so proud to tell his teachers he made the Easter Eggs for his classmates too :)
I also baked my first brownies using Joy of Baking recipe for the party. Of course, I cut down the sugar content in it, LOL! As I am using a 11"x7" baking tray, the brownies turned out a bit thin and I cutted them out using the cookies cutter and place them into the cupcake cases for individual serving. It has a deep chocolate flavour and I like the cakey texture! Hope the kids enjoyed their Easter Party :) Happy Easter!

Recipe adapted from Joy of baking.com

150g semisweet chocolate, chopped
1 stick (113g) unsalted butter, cut into pieces
2 tbsps cocoa powder
200g granulated white sugar (used 120g) 
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 eggs
95g all purpose flour
1/4 tsp salt
125g semisweet chocolate chips (used 80g)

1. Preheat the oven to 180C.
2. Line the baking tray with parchment paper. (the non-stick one is better)
3. Melt chocolate and butter over a double boiler. Remove from heat once it melted. Stir in cocoa powder and sugar, whisk in vanilla extract and add eggs, one at a time.
4. Stir in the flour, salt and chocolate chip.
5. Pour in the batter into baking tray, bake for 30-35mins. or until the toothpick inserted in center comes out with a little batter and a few moist clumps clinging to it. Mine toothpick came out clean, I think it was a bit overbaked :(
6. Remove from oven, let it cool on a wire rack before cut into small serving.

Very simple step: Wash the eggs, boil it. Let it cool down, stick the stickers. A few drops of food colouring as you wish, explore and mix with different colour to get different colour hue. Dye the eggs, leave it in the food colouring for may be 15 mins. Take out the eggs, pat dry with kitchen tissue, peel off stickers. And a beautiful dyed Easter Eggs :)


  1. 那个蛋蛋很可爱。看来让小朋友玩玩也是很爽的。嘻嘻嘻~

  2. Lovely Easter Eggs, and your brownies looks wondeful! I'm sure the kid will really enjoy these!

  3. i like the Easter eggs you have done...your son already having fun at home dying the eggs before playing in the school with his classmates...
    your brownies look so good too...i'm sure the kids will like it...:)

  4. Lovely eggs. Your son sure have fun. I'm sure the kids like those home bake brownies ^^

  5. 蛋蛋很缤纷亮丽

  6. Happy Easter!! I want 1 egg and 2 brownies pls! Love the easter eggs! Cute cute!

  7. Your brownies and eggs are both perfect for this festive occasion :D

    Happy Easter!
    Choc Chip Uru

  8. the eggs are pretty, i also learnt from some blogs doing easter related bakes recently, happy easter to you!

  9. Cute brownie bites! I have Joy's cookbook, but need to crack it open and give some of the recipes a try! Happy Easter, my friend!!!

  10. eileen@hundred eighty degreesSun Apr 08, 05:23:00 PM 2012

    Lovely Easter Eggs and cute brownie shapes!

  11. Those cut-out brownie rounds look very inviting!
    Happy Easter!

  12. I like how your eggs look like they have gradients on them :) Happy Easter Monday to you and your family!

  13. Your homemade Easter eggs look cute! and the brownie present it so well and nice using cookie cutter.


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