29 April 2012

Ban Jian Kuih (Traditional Chinese Pancake)

All my days only surround by my son needs. When WT asked me if Gabriel goes for fullday child care, what are you going to do? This is really a hit on me, I was thinking very hard about this issue. Should I go back to my previous workplace or embark into another industry, I really don't know. Four years is a long break, enough to wash away what I familiar with and enough to intimidate me.   

This type of chinese pancake is a common street food in Penang, it was one of my favourites snack when I was very young. There are two version of chinese pancake, one is  with thick layer and another is with thin layer. I love the thin layer one since young. The crispy edge of the pancake and the peanuts with cream corns filling is so yummylicious! I still remember when Gabriel ate the pancake for the first time at age 3, he loves it so much until he cried when WT ate the last bit of it thinking he had enough of the pancake. Eventually we have to buy a new piece just to calm him.

I managed to find a video from youtube which uploaded by cheungnice on how to make a Ban Jian Kuih in Malaysia which is the version I used to eat. 

Recipe from Baking on Cloud 9
165g all purpose flour
2 eggs
30g caster sugar
1/2 tsp yeast
210ml water

ground peanuts
cream corns

1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl, set aside for 30 mins.
2. Heat up a non-stick pan (about palm size) using low heat, pour a scoop of batter into it and make a round shape.
3. Cook for 1 min on low heat. The surface will appear to be "holey". (In Penang, the pancake seller will then sprinkles the ground peanuts, sugar and cream corns on top of the pancake, before he used a sharp knife to remove the pancake from the pan)
4. Serve when the pancake is warm. When it turns cold, the edge of the pancake will be soften.


  1. 四年离开工作岗位,要重新投入,是一种考验哦!


    我也要一片薄的ban jian kuih,多多花生及玉米酱,谢谢了!

    1. 奇难杂症?闪亮登场?... 才没有啦 :D :D
      Eileen, 谢谢你!是的,大不了做个打杂的 :)))

  2. I miss this type of ban jian kuaih so much. Used to buy it from stall for supper when small. Want to try it one day!

  3. Ah Tze:
    I haven't had this for a long time. I also like the thin version. My son is allergic to peanut, well in fact, most of the kids in Australia are allergic to some kinds of nuts, very headache. I guess is because Australia is too clean. I've been keeping the recipe for so long but don't know when will try this out!

  4. 如果可以的话,当然是重回自己熟悉的领域会比较好,


  5. I like the thin version, with extra peanut and cream corns...yumyum.

  6. Looks good there !! I think I will stuff it with lotsa coconut instead !!

  7. In Malay, it's called Apam Pulau Pinang. Hmmm.... wonder if it's from Penang.. I happen to like the thick type, especially the one with the spongy texture.:)

    1. Faeez, this seem to be a common street food in Malaysia...Haha, no sure wheather it is from Penang. May be I shouldn't title it as Traditional Chinese Pancake because lot of Malay and India also selling this type of pancake :)

  8. i hope you will come out with a plan that suit you..
    For this, i need more cream corn please...yummy!

  9. 加油哦


  10. so happen i found your blog and you have this wonderful recipe to share! my husband and i both love to eat this and just last week we bought some from pasar malam. i will be bookmarking this to try out soon! thks for sharing!

    1. Hi nyonya, thanks for visiting! Try it out, is easy to make one :)

  11. Tze, all the best to you no matter which way you are choosing...:)
    i prefer more cream corn one...you see how good is your Ban Jian Kuih, got so many "orders" from here...hehehe~~~

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  13. Wow! Your kuih looks just like the ones sold outside, I love this thin version too!

  14. Looks very good! My kids love both the thick and thin versions!

  15. i guess a lot of us love this snack, it is simply good! i love the one with kacang and cream corn always! Four years is indeed long and then from there, you will have to juggle your time between work and family but a lot of people can do it, so you shldnt be too afraid.

  16. Looking for a childhood snack. Does anyone how to make the 绿豆糕 that is round and with a '安' on it? It is yellow. Thanks. Lee

  17. Going to try it out ! I love ban chang kuih!


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