17 February 2015

Dahlia Butter Cookies with Strawberry Flavour 草莓口味花开福贵牛油饼

This will be the last bake for the coming Chinese New Year, my previous baked on Dahlia Butter Cookies was with rose essence flavour, I like it but my hubby said he doesn't like the rose aroma. Today, even I still not completely  feeling well, I make an effort to bake this Dahlia Butter Cookies (Kuih Semperit) again with strawberry flavour. My boy loves this melt-in-mouth cookies with his flavorite strawberry aroma! Another beautiful Chinese New Year cookies that love by my family. 

May the Blessing of God be showered on you and your family, wishing you a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!


13 February 2015

Valentine Rainbow Heart Cookies 情人节心型采红曲奇

第一次这面子书上看到Eugenie Kitchen的情人节心型采红曲奇就大大喜欢,於是就动手弄了。烘焙这种采红曲奇真的还得花点耐心,还有得计划好面团的厚度,这是成功的关键得记得哟!成品是亮丽的香脆牛油曲奇。。。我的牛油曲奇过早切面团了道至曲奇的背面不工整。

Fall in love with Eugenie Kitchen's Rainbow Heart Cookies when I saw her video on Facebook for the first time! Swung into action to bake this beautiful Rainbow Heart Cookies. I'm going to say that this is not a simple task as it involved lot of patient for the cookies dough to harden in the fridge and you need a little planning on the cookies dough thickness. 

The height of the dough before cutting has to be the same height as your cookies cutter. When you are flattening the dough, you have to estimate with your cookies cutter on what is the maximum number you can cut out from the dough, then decide the wide and length of the dough you are flattening. For my case, I want to cut out two hearts on each slice of the dough and  with the cookies cutter thickness, I have four slices of the dough stack. I got 9 rainbow hearts. With one salvage from the left over dough.

The end result is an awesome, attractive, crunchy butter Valentine Rainbow Heart Cookies that everyone who want to eat it will say "I love you!" Hahahaha!!! My hubby said it!! 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Note: For future bake on this cookies, I will prefer using 160C~170C to prevent the browning on the side of cookies. My cookies was baked at 190C for 10 mins.

08 February 2015

Mantou (Chocolate Spiral Steamed Bun 鲜奶巧克力双色馒头卷)

Mantou (Chinese Steamed Bun) a simple bun that can be taken plain or even go with chili crab, braised pork, curry, etc. In some occasions, we eat deep fried mantou. It is with no filling but mantou can have many varieties of flavour depends on what you like. I used to make bao, a type of Chinese steamed bun with filling, to me there is a little difference between these two steamed buns. The texture of the mantou is not so fluffy as the bao. Mantou texture is soft but denser than bao! My son ate two of the chocolate spiral steamed buns straight after I took the photos!

The proportion of chocolate dough and plain dough for this creation is 1:3, I have tried on 1:1 but the swirl turned out is not what I like. I love how this swirls turned out, it looks beautiful! 

This recipe is with reference to Carol's Milk Mantou (鲜奶馒头) with minor change. I add a tsp of cocoa powder and extra 30ml of milk. 

今天上的馒头。。。自己是非常满意那双色卷。巧克力和白面团的对比是 1:3

06 February 2015

Dahlia Butter Cookies (Kuih Semperit 花开福贵牛油饼)

This Dahlia Butter Cookies was on my baking list for long, but I didn't take any action thinking I'm not good in cake pipping. I was wrong! One day when I was searching on the web, I chanced on Nasi Lemak Lover's blog, she shown us the tool she used for her Dahlia Cookies which make me think that I should try baking one. 

I tried on a few pipping tips but it is the Wilton 847 big nozzle that work for me. I pushed and pipped the dough using my fingers without the pipping bag. This is actually a beautiful festive bakes with its unique rose aroma, of course who can resist the melt-in-mouth cookies. This cookies really make me feel that Chinese Lunar New Year is near!!

这是好久以前就想烘焙的牛油饼,那时的我看了以为很难的挤花后来才知道不难!所以说在生命里没有不能成的事,难在人心成事在人!我用了不同的挤花尝试,后来找出Wilton 847 大挤花头是用手直接把面团塞进花嘴挤出的。这是一道很漂亮的应节牛油饼,我想大家都会喜欢它那独得的玫瑰香还有酥滑的牛油口感。 这道牛油饼真的把过年的气息带来卡达尔了!

Thanks Jane for the recipe and Sonia for showing how to pipe the Dahlia Flowers. This recipe is a keeper as it doesn't distort the shape of the flower after baked!!

Peanut Cookies 花生饼

Peanut Cookies is sure in my menu because it is one of my hubby's favourite! This was the second batch I baked in a row, this year I changed the peanut cookies pattern a bit, it is with indentation in the middle. My first batch of peanut cookies actually didn't take the indentation well, the cookies dough cracked when I made the indentation in the middle. So I added more oil for my second batch of baking so the dough is able to bind well. 

To get a smooth peanut cookies, you need to use icing sugar and make sure you knead the dough well! Love this crumbly and addictive cookies!! Oops! the top of the cookies is way too dark...next time no more adding of golden syrup in the glaze. 


05 February 2015

Kuih Bahulu 鸡蛋糕

After waiting for more than five months, eventually I received all the parcels! The Kuih Bahulu mould is the one I'm waiting all this while. This little flower cake is filled with its unique eggy aroma, it will retain its crispy crust and fluffy sponge for a few days if you keep it in air tight container. 

It was a chore for me to remove the Kuih Bahulu when I started first batch of baking, but when the mould finally heat up to its optimum temperature (may be third batch of baking), it is a bliss to remove the cake from the mould. I wish I could have more than one Kuih Bahulu mould at the time of baking as it can save up lot of baking time.

The crucial steps to ensure a successful Kuih Bahulu are: 1. Heat up the greased Kuih Bahulu mould properly so the cake will not stick on the mould after baking. 2. Whisk the egg mixture to light and pale before adding the sugar, then whisk the mixture to fluffy light again. 3. Gradually fold in the flour and mix well the flour with the egg mixture. The end result is the beautiful crisp and spongy Kuih Bahulu! The ratio for egg and sugar should be 1:1 portion.



Note on 8/2/2015: This Kuih Bahulu has to be consumed within 3 days, as the cake turns very dry on the fourth day.

01 February 2015

How to make Dried Longan 自制龙眼干

Personally feel that this desert land has taught me so much about appreciate and utilize the ingredients we can get. A lot of food we can't get here, if you chance on the ingredients you familiar with in the shop you better grab some before you decided what are you thinking to do with it. It may be funny to some but this is the life living here. I was so happy to see fresh longan one day when I was doing my grocery shopping at Lulu Hypermarket. The price tag is not cheap for a pack of fresh longan, but thinking I may not find longan on my next trip here, I bought it.

I made it into dried longan, what you basically need to do is everyday diligently bring the longan out under the sun and if you are lucky may be just a week of sun shine is good enough to turn the fresh longan into dried longan. For us who can't get the dried longan here, this is a way out from no way!! Through this sun dry process it produced soft and sweet dried longan texture. 

Thanks Carol for her recipe.