01 February 2015

How to make Dried Longan 自制龙眼干

Personally feel that this desert land has taught me so much about appreciate and utilize the ingredients we can get. A lot of food we can't get here, if you chance on the ingredients you familiar with in the shop you better grab some before you decided what are you thinking to do with it. It may be funny to some but this is the life living here. I was so happy to see fresh longan one day when I was doing my grocery shopping at Lulu Hypermarket. The price tag is not cheap for a pack of fresh longan, but thinking I may not find longan on my next trip here, I bought it.

I made it into dried longan, what you basically need to do is everyday diligently bring the longan out under the sun and if you are lucky may be just a week of sun shine is good enough to turn the fresh longan into dried longan. For us who can't get the dried longan here, this is a way out from no way!! Through this sun dry process it produced soft and sweet dried longan texture. 

Thanks Carol for her recipe. 



A pack of dried longan (what ever quantity you need, if possible make more in a time)

1. Wash the longan in running water. 
2. Boil water in a medium pot, when water boiling place the longan into the pot and boil for 1 min.
3. Sun dry the longan under the sun for about a week or when the longan shell turned slightly brown and dry, open one longan to check the fresh inside, the fresh of the longan should be dark brown in colour.