16 November 2013

Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork Bonito Flakes


This is a simple and easy tofu dish love by my son. The key for this dish is to place a thin layer of minced meat (in my case is pork) on top of the tofu instead of a thick one, this is crucial as the cooking time is very short. Then you will get a tender soft pork texture which encourage little one to eat ^0^

70g minced pork
1/2 tbsp mirin
1/2 egg
1/2 tsp oyster sauce
1/4 tsp minced garlic
1/4 tsp minced ginger
1 tsp light soy sauce
1 box of soft tofu
few stalks chives, cut in small length
some bonito flakes

1. Heat the steamer.
2. Under the running water take out the tofu from its box. Place it on a steaming plate.
3. In a bowl, add minced pork, oyster sauce, minced garlic, ginger, and egg. Mix well.
4. Place the minced pork mixture on top of tofu, remember to spread the meat to thin layer, add mirin and light soy sauce. 
5. Place the steaming plate on the boiling steamer, steam for 3 mins. Off the heat and let the steaming plate sit in the steamer for another 1 min. 
6. Take out the tofu from steamer, sprinkle with bonito flakes, serve hot. 

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