22 September 2011

Chocolate Green Tea Bao/Bun (with red bean)

I have lot of red bean paste leftover from my mooncakes making, what should I do? Lot of ideas cross my mind. To me, Bao/Bun making is easy and fast with less cleaning up, as no machine required. I made these buns in 1.5 hour using Straight Dough Method! (I've  mentioned so many times, still I need to say, I love Gelatinized Dough Method)

Cocoa powder and green tea powder are used to create double tones on the bao skin, but as you can see the green is subdued. May be you can share with me on the type of green tea powder to be used for getting the beautiful green. I'm referring to 爱生活,爱厨房 to make mine baos.

According to doctor Gabriel is sensitive to haze. He coughs a lot during night time. He lost his appetite, hopefully these buns can attract his attention and fill his little tummy. These few days he is at home with me, and I discovered that he knew how to button his own cloth and no longer afraid (using shower head) when I wash his hair, he loves to sing "rain, rain go away, Gabriel wants to play!", Haha, is time to move him away from his little bath tub.

I used Hong Kong Bao Flour for this creation, the bao is soft on the first day and getting chewy on the second day. Re-steaming is required to make it soft again. I didn't add shortening, an ingredient believe to make the bao skin looks smooth. However, I still able to get a smooth bao skin. I think this mainly has to do with how we knead the dough and the steamer is crucial factor too.

Recipe adapted from 爱生活,爱厨房 with modifications
300g HK bao flour
4g dry instant yeast
40g sugar
1/4 tsp salt
150ml warm water
15g cocoa unsweetened powder
15g green tea powder
red bean paste

1. Mix bao flour, instant yeast, sugar and salt in a bowl. Divide the powder into two portions, one portion add cocoa powder and another add green tea powder. Gradually add water to respective mixtures and form rough dough. Knead to smooth dough. Spray water on the doughs and cover with wet cloth. Let it proof for 40 mins.
2. Punch down the doughs, roll into balls. Let it rest for 10 mins.
3. Flatten the green tea dough into a square, flatten the cocoa dough into the same size as the green tea dough. Laid the cocoa dough on top of green tea dough, roll it up swiss roll style.
4. Cut into the small portions (12 portions). Cut side up, flatten the dough using your palm before roll it with rolling pin. Flip the circle dough and wrap in the filling.
5. Steam for 10 mins.

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  1. I just made a similiar bao last weekend :)
    With red beans filling too, kekekeke.

  2. Chocolate Bao! They look very delicious to me! It must be a winner amongst kids!

  3. Looks delicious as with all your baos....hope your boy is fine now, been raining over here the past couple of days so the air is fresh and clear now.

  4. 酱的双色很不错喔:P

  5. Woo hoo, lovely combination of bun. Can you link this to my "Natural Colour Event" as well? http://hankerie.blogspot.com/2011/09/event-natural-colour-bakes.html

  6. Wendy, bao is really a good choice for kids as snack when they refuse to...eat the meal! Red bean is a yummy choice for them :D

    Zoe, I want to tell you I like your new profile photo :)

    Jeannie, Gabriel has runny nose, raining day is not a good weather for him :(


  7. Hankerie, thanks for liking the bun! will make the link later.

  8. Lovely bun soft & fluffy. The color combo looks nice.

  9. Your bun looks so soft and moist. Lovely!
    Gabriel is growing into a smart boy! :)

  10. This bun looks very pretty! Too pretty to eat :)

  11. So many gorgeous things coming out of your kitchen! Love the swirls~

  12. 我还以为是小时候玩的 goli 咧,好漂亮哦。。呵呵

  13. Amelia, if only the green is darker the colour will be perfect.

    Joyce, thank you for your kind words on Gabriel!

    Ann, thanks for telling me about the green tea you used.

    Lizzy, I love the swirls too :)

    Esther, 我也有这感觉 :)mini包像goli ^^

  14. they actually look cute to me..like marbles!

  15. Ngawww.....Gabriel sounds so cute! Did he eat a lot of these buns? Hope he gets his appetite back soon! ;) These look pretty- I love the swirly pattern! I also have some red bean paste at home....in the freezer actually, because we made it ages ago! I just haven't gotten around to using it because there are too many recipes I want to try!! haha.....


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